Thursday, November 3, 2016

1 year....52 weeks....367 days......Peru Piura Mission

Well happened....this girl hit her one year mark!!! I know.....I can hardly believe it myself....367 days have flew by in a flash.....52 weeks......12 goodness my life is passing by way to fast nowdays. I'm gonna be a grandma before I know it....I know I know....I won't hold my breathe for the grandma that will ever happen for me!!! Anyway the changes in this girl are's a Aushlynn bet by May we will have Aushlynn 3.0.... all good things for sure! Well, here is what she had to say about last week. 

Hey guys! 

Wow this week flew by and well honestly I don’t even know where to start. First things first on Tuesday I had an intercambio with Hermana McRae! She is really awesome! She was my very first sister leader and so it was cool to show her how far I have come with my teaching skills and Spanish! Hermana Glunt and I have a baptism this next Saturday for 2 boys! We are really excited for that! 

Next we practiced for a sister meeting that we were having on Thursday! We sang a musical number. It was really pretty. It was fun to see all the girls from the mission especially because about half are leaving to go home really soon.... ah. I requested that we have key lime pie for the dessert and sure enough Hermana Rasmussen pulled through! It was delicious!! 

This p-day was SUPPOSED to be one thing I checked off my bucket list but we had problems with people in our zone (annoying elders) ha ha so we didn’t end up going and we will go next week. So Hermana Glunt and I made the best of it and we went to Chulucanas and saw some stores and had some fun! We met some really col people on our way and shared the gospel with them! It really was such a good day! Also we got invited off the street to learn to paint and we got to paint our own Ceramic plates it was awesome! 

Well that’s pretty much my week! In regards to me having a year in the mission... yikes! The time has just flown by! I’m trying to soak up every minute I have here and with these people! 

Happy Halloween everyone!

Hermana Brown

Ceramic plates.

Are these not the cutest wrinkly dogs you have ever seen?
I don't know the story......
Ceramic shop
When in Peru..
Hermana Rasmussen, President Rasmussen, Hermana Glunt and Hermana Brown
Because you can never see enough pictures of puppies!
Sunny days.....
Hermana Brown and Hermana Thomas at the Sisters Conference
Lunch in Peru
Sisters Luncheon
Learning some new things.....
Sing....sing a song.....

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