Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Miracles and Mangos

This girl is coming off a great week. Glad to hear it was better than last week. Sounds like attitude makes all the difference. Here is what's happening in her neck of the woods...

Hey guys!

Well I am offically..... killing Hermana Glunt! Haha we did not have transfers! Im fine with it! Im sure we will see a lot of miracles this transfer! I really do love Hermana Glunt and we always have the best stories to tell! Seriously... we are a companionship that is really guided by the spirit. Its awesome. The only thing is that she is leaving the 15th and the transfers are the 26th of december! We will see who I get to finish the transfer with... stay tuned.

This week two of our investigators were baptized! It was awesome! Leronardo and Carlos! Also their mom that is a less active member came to support! It was good to have her there! They are 2 young boys that are so spiritually intune with the spirit. I wish I was like that when I was their age! Also we had all the youth there to support as well! This ward is really something special! :)

On friday night we had a missional night for  the ward... okay it was just kind of a party for our investigators to get to know the ward! It turned out really well. We had a really large turn out! We all played games and danced the night away! ( I have to come back to learn how to dance! ) I really do have such a love for the youth in this ward! They are really special! There is a boy named Richard and he hasn't been coming to the chrch for awhile and he was only baptized in April! He came up to me and asked me to help him come back and repent of his sins! It was awesome to see someone confide in you so much!  We are now helping him get his mission papers done! He is super sweet! 

The mission is all about attitude...if you have a good one you will see miracles happen. We have 2 more investigators that are on date for baptism. They are awesome! some bad news....I hurt my foot. I had to go to the clinic. They think I pulled a muscle on the top of my foot. They wanted to put me in a boot.! Icy hot would feel so nice...even though I hate the smell...please send some...haha.

This pday we went to Chulucanas again! We went to a fruit farm with this guy we met on the bus like 2 weeks ago and he gave us a 10 pound sack a mangos to take home! He was super awesome! Also we answered a lot of questions he had about the plan of salvation! His wife reently died and he is mad at God! He doesn't live where we preach but its a good reference! He will be baptized one day! As for now... we will be eating mango this transfer lol.

Hermana Brown

Leonardo and Carlos

That is a really big

Mango farm
Moto ride

Oh look....we are eating chicken and rice...this calls for a picture!!
This is how she really feels about chicken and rice....haha...oh Baabo!
Tug o side won because Hermana Glunt was laughing so hard at how ridiculous it was that us girls were tug o warring in front of everyone!
This is from the missional night that we had.
We ordered pizza on transfer day! What a treat!
Eww....I found a chicken foot in my soup.....

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