Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The case of the missing name badge....I know who I am...

Hola Padres! 

Wow this week flew by as usual... didn’t I just talk to you guys like 2 days ago? Weird. This week was actually kind of a bad week for me but you know you just have to laugh it off and say I’m in Peru... ha ha. 

Well first things first.. I lost my name tag... I totally lost it. It was nowhere to be found! I had to be Hermana Glunt this past week ha ha. Everyone laughed at me and I ordered new name tags but it’s going to take 2 weeks to make them. How embarrassing. Anyway last night (Sunday night) I got into the shower and grabbed my towel and there was my tag hanging there clipped to it. Oh my gosh... I am still Hermana Brown guys.

We did some service this week helping with a young girls 15th birthday! That’s the big birthday here in Peru. They usually have a huge party and dinner and the whole shabang! They are kind of a poorer family and didn’t have much money to give their daughter what she wanted to so Hermana Glunt and I offered our services! I did her makeup and hair and also we helped decorate and help put food together! It was a lot of work but by the end it turned out amazing! She was so happy with how the night turned out. 

So our investigators are kind of progressing but there isn’t a lot happening here in Capullanas to be honest. We are looking to baptize 2 brothers not this week but the next but other than that we are having a hard time finding new people to teach! We did see a miracle with a new girl we found named Evelin. Funny side note when I heard her name I immediately thought of evychezy (who my mom use to watch for daycare ) ha ha I don’t know why. We were able to share our testimonies and she was really moved by them! We are hoping she will progress!

This week we had our multi zone conference! It was amazing as usual. I always walk away learning so much! Hermana Rasmussen had a really good talk about humility! I have been learning this my whole mission! You really do learn to love.. and not care about the little things that would matter so much to you back home. You completely forget yourself and really focus on other people. I love that aspect of the mission. We also learned from president about becoming disciples of Christ. About how the mission is for you! To help you become a disciple of Christ and the people you help on the way are just little blessings and miracles to help build you testimony! It was really so good!

This pday we spent with President and Hermana Rasmussen at their house! It was really awesome! I love spending time with them! We had a nice bbq (Peruvian style) and played some nice Ping-Pong! It was a nice relaxed day! Next week (Halloween) we are traveling to chanqache! It’s a place in the mountains that is SOOO PRETTY!! I’ve wanted to go ever since I got here! We will take really cool pictures!! Stay tuned!

I love you all!!

Hermana Brown signing off....

Hermana Glunt and Hermana Brown
Praticing a musical number for zone conference
Hermana Glunt x 2
Ice chipping....check out our freezer. Umm...I wouldn't eat that black banana if I were you....
Ward Members

Professional potato peelers
Party preperations
Our investigators...they think their cat looks like Joseph Smith...LOL....
One of our lunches.....Octopus and Shrimp
It was delicious
P-day with the President
Many hands make light work....
Enjoying a great meal and great company
Prepping the feast
What ya makin' Aush???
BBQ...Grandpa B style...
The Jordanites......Hermana Brown, Elder Osmond and Elder Hill.
Matchy Matchy
Aushlynn and her Companion
The Sisters at Zone Conference
I just thought this picture is funny..
Zone Conference

*photo credit for some of the last pictures go to Prezzy Razzy....sorry to stalk your photos 10 seconds after you post them.....haha

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