Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Fourth of July from Peru!!!

So, this past Sunday Aushlynn hit her first day of the 9th month!  We are now counting down to hump day! Woot Woot!!! Now when your pregnant and you hit the 9th month you have arrived and the end could be, we have arrived!!! It has passed by faster than either of her brothers missions.  I am putting a hump day package together for her.

Also, Aushlynn is having a birthday in September.  Just so you know, I have not been with any of my kids when they have turned 20! They have all reached that milestone while serving a mission. Anyway her teenage days are slipping  Here is where you can help.  I was hoping to send birthday cards to her from you!  Those who enjoy her letters.  I know!!! It is a fantastic idea....right!!!So, if you can send her a card, that would be awesome!  I won't even open them...promise....I will just stick them in her package!!

Hermana Aushlynn Brown

Here's the catch.....I am hoping to send the package on the 15th or 22nd of this month.  So you have to hurray up and go buy the card and get it to me ASAP!  She would love to hear from you! Please Please help me out!

There was a earthquake about 45 miles away from Hermana Brown this past week.  It was 4.6 on the Richter scale.  I was freaking out....she said that she did not even feel it! She's fine...I'm fine....were all fine! This was awesome news....but I am not a fan of her being in areas where there are earthquakes! is her letter for the week!

Hola family!! 
Wow this week was sure intesresting. We definitely had really high highs and really low lows. Im sure glad that it ended with a huge miracle that made my testimony that much stronger!
This week with our investigators was kinda slow. They just arent progressing as fast as we want them too! Hermana Ramos and I have a really hard time letting people go that arent really progressing but this week we are going to drop a few so we can focus on the ones that are ultimaitly going to get baptized! No... we didnt have a baptism this week but we are shooting for one this week! Her name is Leslie! Her brother and mom are members, but her dad is not and has not given her permission to be baptized but she is ready to go with all the lessons and she assisted to a baptism this week that the elders in our district had! Im hoping that she talks to her dad this week so we can get her baptized! Also.... she wants to be baptized in the ocean so... THATS AWESOME!!!
This week was a little bit scary but im in Peru so apparently its normal.... anyways so we contacted a guy in the streets one night and he was being really creepy so I pulled the card that I don't speak spanish haha.... anyways we hurried and left and as we were walking home he drove up in a moto infront of us and got out and started running towards us so we hurried and ran away and got into a moto and drove to a different part of our area and after walking for like 3 minutes he was there running after us again and so we called our mission leader and he picked us up and took us home. Well the guy showed up at our house and was yelling at us and saying to come out of our house.... the next night he came back and almost entered into our house. We escaped our house and slept at the other sisters house. The next day we packed all of our things and changed rooms with the elders in our branch. Okay just let me tell you this... there is a big difference between elders rooms and sisters rooms... its so small but it will do haha. Yeah we havent seen this guy since but im sure glad that nothing bad happened. Our elders are so very good to us and are always watching out for us! :) Elder Wilson is now enjoying my hammock for the last week of his mission!
Okay so there is this guy named Hermano Santos! We like to call him our eternal investigator. He was married before but ended in a legal case and now he is living with Hermana Arecelly our old pensionista! So they are living together and have 2 kids... one is on a mission and one is 5 years old. So since they are living together the Hermana cant take the sacrament because well she is breaking the commandments. They are waiting for him to get out of this case so they can get married and he can be baptized. Well it was looking like they wouldnt be able to get married for 2 years because this legal case was looking nasty. They had talked about seperating for awhile but hey have a little 5 year old so that would have been really hard. Anyways this sunday was fast sunday and we fasted specifcally for this family! The hermna went u and bore her testimony about her situation and said she was so greatful for these trails in her life and that she has never felt the love of her savior more in this most dificult time in her life! Well today we saw them in the market in paita baja and THE DIVORCE WAS MADE FINAL! They can get married and Hermano Santos can get baptized!!!! Seriousl,y such a tender mercy and my testimony is so much stronger! MIRACLES DO EXIST!! 

Today for the fourth of july we went to the beach with all of our zone and played football and had a bbq! Yannno.... american stuff haha. We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs! We sang the star spangled banner about 50 times and had a good time! Lets just say I am proud to be an american haha! :) 

Well thats all from peru this week!

Hermana brown
This girl loves the beach....kinda like her momma! (Go Broncos!)
Just look at all this beauty!
Lunch with a group of missionaries on P-day!
Hermana Brown and Hermana Ramos and well....I'm not sure who the others are...haha
Aushlynn and her beloved hammock.....which is now enjoyed by the Elders since switching apartments with them for safety.
Happy 4th of July from Peru!
Happy 23 months Elder Wilson....looks like her received another egg and flour treatment. I hear its good for your hair.
P-day at the Beach.
Te amo familia! (it means I love you family!)

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