Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A confession......Oops....My bad!

We are in preparation for a major milestone here....Aushlynn is going to hit her Hump Day on August 3rd.  I know....I can't believe it either.  On Saturday, I bought hump day milk......some of you might ask what hump day milk is....well it is milk that has the expiration date of her hump day....get it....Hump Day Milk. (its a missionary mom thing...don't judge) This time it was a Vitamin D Whole milk.....Dyllon's favorite but I buy it for those in my daycare that are one but not yet two....so basically for Ezzie........but Dyllon drinks more than she does. Quit taking her milk Dyllon!!  Anyways, super exciting stuff...right????

It was good to hear from Hermana Brown...she is in great spirits! Well... except she is mad that we are selling the Honda....you see the kids call it the honey wagon......I don't know why??? Maybe because they keep it stinky!! Haha! Well, the reason she is mad is because Madi won't have to drive it and she thinks it so unfair!  It has a lot of problems and is not worth it to fix...she really did a number on it haha. She says it is a Brown's rite of passage to drive that car! Poor poor Aush....life is not fair....but at least you won't have to drive it when you get home! Blessing!!

Anyway, Life in Peru is going well. The bugs are not bugging her and hardly bite her and her fingernails are....well she says she is trying. Here is what she has to say:

Well many of you may already know that exactly one year ago today (yesterday) I opened my mission call. It’s so weird to think that it was a year ago... honestly time in the mission flies faster than normal life. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Okay spoiler alert..... I’m am a super impatient person and as soon as my call arrived in the mail I opened it up with my family and then resealed it so we could have an opening party with friends! Haha.... oops....My bad!
Well, this first week of the transfer just seemed to fly by... it’s like we were sitting there on Tuesday and next thing we know its Saturday night and we are thinking where did this week go.... and then I got thinking what the heck July is almost over.. my mission is just slipping away.

Just so everyone knows.....we have not had water in our appt for 4 days.... im going to die!! We have to shower at the other sisters room and it’s just so inconvenient! Oh Peru.......whats next???Haha

So this week we didn’t have anyone to baptize... but alas we have dates for the 30th and the 6th. This week we saw a lot of progress from our investigators and we are really pleased with all of them! A miracle occurred this week! I have come to realize that in the mission sometimes God puts trials in our lives so that we can demonstrate our faith and love for him. Hermana Milagros one of our investigators... we were kind of at a stand still with her.. she would read the Book of Mormon and she had every lesson and had been listening to the missionaries for 8 months. We were thinking about not visiting her anymore because... well she just wasn’t progressing. Our last visit with her she had told us that her brother got lost out at sea and that her and her mom were planning a funeral service for him. We asked her if she would pray with us and ask God what date he would have her be baptized. She broke down in tears while praying and said the most sincere prayer I have ever heard. She said that she received the answer to be baptized on the 30th but that she still wanted to pray more... well the next day we passed by to see how she was doing and she had told us that after we left that she went into her room and got on her knees as prayed and that the next day she received a call from her brother saying that he was saved by another boat and is safe and on land. She feels that this is the answer to her prayers and is so excited to be baptized on the 30th. 

On Saturday we had our zone meeting. Our district had to do a special musical number... yay!?!?.... ha ha no it went really well. We are now practicing a number for our multi zone conference on the 4th! So we talked about how in the mornings here in Peru they just aren’t productive at all... most of the time we walk around contacting for 3 hours because everyone is working at school or they are cooking. We came up with some new ideas to contact people in the mornings that I am excited to use! Also we have a new plan for the area in Piura that I think will be really effective! We are working really hard here in Paita for a stake! Hopefully by the end of this transfer that president will ask for a stake here in Paita! We have the numbers of excellence that are like 5 new people every week and 5 investigators assist to church but obviously Paita is to good for that and our zone leaders upped that... I was a little nervous at first but I know that if we work really hard that we can reach those goals!! Its been so awesome here! I love all the people here! The ward especially even though they don’t know what being on time means ha ha. (sounds like Mormon standard time and Aushlynn pre-mission time haha!)

For p-day we played soccer on the beach. Yay... soccer... ha ha no I am actually not half bad and I scored a goal on a hat trick... Dyl... that was for you! I didnt really know that I did that but everyone was really impressed so I just went with it lol. After we all ate a really good fried fish and of course it’s not a plate without a mountain of rice ha ha. You guys won’t even recognize your daughter when I get home. I am not picky at all with food anymore... 
Well that is all from Paita this week! Hope all is well in the South Jordan!

Hermana Brown

Aushlynn and her newest little friend!  She loves kids!
Hermana Brown, Hermana Ramos and an investigator.
This is a picture of us at lunch on P-day with another district.....our district was too slow getting to lunch so we ate without them! I am so impatient! My Bad!! Haha
I think that this is Zone Paita!  Unless they were all late and she took a picture with a different zone! haha
Aushlynn when she opened her mission call.
So, I had sent Aushlynn a picture of this vase because it looked like eyes were staring at me....well, this is not the actual picture....because I got in trouble.....you see I had always put the names of the boys mission areas in the blocks....but I had not done that for Aushlynn and she called me out.  She said: "Wait....why is my area Paita not in the blocks?? Okay, I see I am not cool enough to make the blocks........It did say Brown Ohana.......I realized the error of my ways......and quickly made the change for our dear daughter!  Aushlynn you are cool enough for the blocks!  Oops...My bad!!!
So Sorry!!!! Please forgive!

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