Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Everyday I'm shufflin......

Hey Everybody!!!! Aushlynn is coming off another amazing week.  I am so glad to hear it.  It makes my heart happy to know that she is doing well and thriving out in Peru.

Hey Guys!

Wow this week was a week of miracles! We are definitely being blessed in this area with people that are absolutely ready to hear the gospel! We have almost had a baptism every week this transfer! That’s the goal in the mission is to be baptizing every week! We were able to have the baptisms of Jhoner on Sunday! It was super cute! He had his older brother that is a returned missionary baptize him! Yanno... I had to wait about 7 months to see the fruits of my labors but wow it was worth the wait. We have another baptism this week on Saturday for a girl named Lesli. She is 13 years old. Her dad wouldn’t let her be baptized but all the rest of her family is member. We finally were able to get the permission of him to have her be baptized. I thought we were never going to be able to baptize her but god works in mysterious ways. 

So this week we were able to find 3 new people to teach. Two of them are brother and sister Juliana and Marck. Juilana is 26 and Marck is 18. They have never been baptized and have just been living as Christians. They have never assisted to a church before! They are awesome and really willing to listen and complete every goal we give them! They are also reading the book of mormon a lot. They have a baptism date for the 18th. I am super excited to see their progress. Also we have been teaching a girl named Milagros. I am at a loss with her. We have taught her everything we have to teach and she has come to church every week but still needs more... like there is no more!! She is so prepared and I am super sad that she is holding off. 

This week we had a ward conference. We had activities in the church every night and our investigators were able to attend a lot of them which we were super excited about. We had our very first ward council in the branch here... it went okay. We still need a lot of work in our branch. I told one of the brothers here that he was going to be the next Presidente of the rama and the next day he was called as the new Presidente! Hahaha I seriously have a gift for picking leaders of the church. Hey dad your going to be the next xxxx!! :) ( I had to take this part of the letter out because Kendall did not want any predictions in writing!)

For pday we had the finals of the piura vida cup! No we didn’t win... yes elder Wilson is mad at us... hahaha. After we ate at Chili’s with other missionaries! It was really fun to get to see the whole mission!! 

Well that’s pretty much my week this week! 


Hermana brown

Weekly planning session. Yeah...that's my girl!
Sometimes you fall asleep on the bus back to Paita and the awesome missionaries that you are with take pictures of you! Haha.....she must have been tired. Wonder if they tried to throw any paper wads in her mouth....her brothers sure would have!
Yep this is my girl.....she is a huge fan of little kids and dogs!
The Baptism of Jhoner
The whole crew at the baptism.  The Elders has a baptism too!  This area is ripe and ready to harvest!
Aush and a group of missionaries at the Puira Vida Cup.
Huh....looks like she is a fan of the peace sign. (notice the shorts of Mitch Barnes....thanks again Mitch! haha)
Hermana Brown picked up a bag of Mini Kraps this week.  I hope they were better than they sound!  Haha......oh Peru someone needs to help you come up with better names for your snacks!

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