Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fishers of Men.......and Fish!

So first of all....important things out of the way.....Someone downloaded the new Windows 10 on my computer and it is ruining my life!  I am not a fan...at all. It has been so frustrating today with this blog post!.  Okay....on to better stuff!
Aushlynn has been in the mission field for 253 days!  I have not thrown out a number in awhile and I thought that you might me interested. She has also been on the mission for 6 transfers! Her mission is just flying by! She is also missing out on the Pokémon Go  game.  She will love it!  She loves Geocaching and I think that this is very similar in a weird kinda way...not that I have even tried it or downloaded it. But... Dyllon is a gym leader and we are super proud of his accomplishment.  I also was invited to walk around the neighborhood with Avery and see if we could find Pokémon.
But anyway, back to Aushlynn....This week was pretty awesome for her...I will let her tell you why!
Hola Familia!!
Well.... transfers have come and gone. Yep.... I’m still in Paita with Hermana Ramos! We are super happy because we have so many baptisms and even a wedding this next transfer! Honestly, I couldn’t be happier in this area! The branch is awesome..... even though sometimes people don’t know how to be on time to anything! Ha Ha I think I am going to be learning patience my whole mission! 
Well, so another miracle occurred in our area on Saturday! Leslie was able to talk to her dad and he gave her permission to be baptized! She was able to be baptized the next day on Sunday!! We are so happy for her! She gave her testimony about how prayer, fasting and faith in Jesus Christ helped soften the heart of her dad and how she wants to be an example for her dad so one day he can come to church and get baptized. It was an awesome day! Also, Elder Wilson gave his his final talk in church and we had a big party for him Sunday night! It was really sad to see him go because he was an awesome missionary! I definitely learned a lot from him! Probably the biggest thing I learned from him is how to be a true disciple of Christ. I’m going to miss him being in our district! 
So on Friday night one of our investigators asked his girlfriend to marry him! In Peru I guess it’s like a huge deal and you have a huge party for it! I guess its tradition to ask in front of tons of friends and family! They will be getting married this next week and then we can baptize him! We are super happy for them! 
This morning for p-day we got up at 5:00 in the morning and went out fishing! Hahaha... okay dad in Peru they have the craziest way of fishing ha ha ha they go and catch crabs and hook them on a string and cast them out lol. Elder Wilson gave me his fishing pole and all this stuff to fish with so I used all of that! I caught 2 fish! It was my day ha ha! All the latinos were like what the crap Hermana Brown you can fish? Also for lunch today I had octopus. It was actually pretty good. A lot of people from the zone got transferred and so its very different now but the people are cool and we are still going to be playing soccer in the mornings so that’s cool! 
Well that’s pretty much all for this week! Hope all is well at home.
Hermana Brown

Hermana Brown and Hermana Ramos at Puerto Paita
Aushlynn and her newly acquired fishing gear! Thanks Elder Wilson for the hook up! She will put them to good use I am sure!

Coastline of Peru
Well...not sure what to say about this one.....but it is the same as above.....coastline of Peru.
Baptism of Hermana Leslie! Yay!
Shot take while she was fishing for p-day!
Hermana Ramos, Hermana Brown, Hermana Arcelly and Hermano Santos.
The Branch and Leslie. We have such great support from out members!
We had dinner with our district to say goodbye to Elder Wilson. Also in the photo are Elder Ayala from New jersey and Elder Culaca from Lima!

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