Friday, July 22, 2016

The end of an Era....

Yesterday was a sad day at our house....we sold a family member yesterday. I had some tears well up in my eyes as she drove away from the curb for the last time. I did not think I would get emotional but when I think of the memories our kids made in this car it was just a little to much raw emotion to keep the tear ducts from filling up.

Purchased nearly six years ago...I thought maybe she was a mistake from the beginning. When we came to the realization one of kids would be driving we quickly agreed that one we did not want teenagers driving our cars, two we needed something that would be affordable for insurance and three something that would enhance the beauty of our curb in the front yard.

I let Kendall take the reins on looking for a car and he told me he found one up in Pocatello and that his Pops checked it out and gave us the thumbs up. We drove up there and one look at it and I was not completely sold. It was missing the glove box, an arm rest and some molding around the windows. Was this the best we could do for our $2000 bucks. Kendall was excited for the purchase. I was a little more hesitant and quickly talked them down to $1600. We were pretty big spenders back in 2010. 

I bought a nice glove box and arm rest off of ebay, but I was never able to find the molding.... confession after a month of two I stopped trying. The car is what it is and they just needed to get used to it.

Dyllon was such a trooper...he was just super grateful to have a car at his disposal. Funny when it is your only option how cool it can become.  He added a few dings to the outside and thus began the poor cars era of being a teenagers mode of transportation.
 When it came time to turn the keys over to Avery he needed to make some upgrades. First thing he did was take the Honda symbol off the front and put a sweet Eagle emblem on instead. He gave the eagle a professional installation with excess glue on the front of the car. A sweet upgrade for sure.

When it came time for Aushlynn to take over the keys she was less than excited. She begged for a better option, but at this point driving the car became a Brown's rite of passage. One time the car was making a funny noise and a piece of metal fell off the bottom of the car. It was a heat shield and Kendall assured her she did not need it and threw it in the trash. The car sounded much better without the rattle and I guess the car really did not need it....still drove just fine. Aushlynn was hard on her. She had never had so many dents in the exterior. I don't want to know what happened....I hope she is forgiven for her transgression with the car in the next life. 

This little lady has been thru three radios. My kids would forget the importance of locking her up at night. Such a hassle to push down a lock because no power locks were around in the age of the dinosaurs when the car was manufactured. This car was left unlocked and rifled thru by many strangers and all of them agreeing the only thing worth anything was the Walmart special radio in the car.

Madison refuses to drive the car. I was like...well then I guess you can walk.....Kendall being on the same wave length as the baby told her we would get her a different car. The other kids are a little upset and are questioning there place as favorite child. We love them all the same of course.....but we are getting tired and the last child is wearing us down. 
I wrote up a sweet obituary...I mean ad for the car. I had an interested buyer within 5 minutes of posting the car and four others lined up to look at it if it fell thru. 
Needless to sweet ad worked and the car is now in the hands of a new family. I hope the Honey Wagon knows how much we appreciated her. She never gave us any problems. Well except the time she was a little loud and we had to get a new muffler. She saved us so much money on insurance. I am sad to drop her today. I am sure my insurance rates will go up once the boys are no longer rated on liability only on a 1992 Honda Civic...

Good bye my friend. I will miss seeing you out on the curb....I am sure Madison is a little sad to see you go! Here is a little video she made as you drove off for the last time.

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