Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What happens in Peru stays in Peru

This week was definitely not Aushlynn's favorite week in Peru.  In fact if the week could be wiped from her memory it would be such a blessing.  Keep this girl in your prayers. It's rough out there sometimes. We have chosen not to share her experience with you.  She wants to forget that it ever happened. So.......tiny letter.......but lots of pictures! 
Also, this girl hit her six month mark yesterday! Woot Woot!  I am typing in month seven! EEKKK! Less than one year to go. I think I am a fan of the 18 month mission! haha........AND we get to Skype with this sweet girl in 4 days and 22 hours and 16 minutes....but whose counting down anyway??
Hey mommmy and daddy... so I have a lot of pictures to show you guys this week but... I don't ever want to remember this week again... I had a really tragic thing happen and well I'm okay now after I had an interview with president and a blessing from him and my district leader. I don't really have a letter for this reason but I have pics you can put on the blog.

Mother's day call...um yes...I am really excited. Also, just now... haha, I got the news that I will be getting a new companion probably this next week or the next. My companion is actually from the Ecuador mission and never got her visa but Presidente just told her that her papers went through and that she will be going to Ecuador. I am so excited for her.

Love you guys!!! : )

hermana brown

Hermana Brown and Elder Burrow. Haha.  I just love this picture....Only in Peru....well I guess not only in Peru...but still!
Hermana Brown and Hermana Thomas.....us gringas need to stick together out here!!
We went Hiking for P-day.
Cool street art!
More pictures of Marrapon
Once again a picture in Marrapon
Hermana Brown in Morrapon
The sister leaders paid a visit! My Momma Hermana Martinez!
Hermana Brown and Hermana Llontop. Trip to Piura in the bus! The wheels on the bus go round and round.....round and round...
Picture from my hike today!

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  1. So sorry she had a bad week and a traumatic experience. Some weeks are just like that, hope it is just onwards and upwards from here for her. We'll pray extra hard for her this week. Loved the pictures!