Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Processing Pigs.......Oh Joy!

So Aushlynn had a interesting first week in Chulucanas!  Avery had the opportunity to process chickens on his mission........Aushlynn has had the opportunity to process pigs on hers. Oh my....poor girl. It almost sounded like a set up from the Elders.  Haha...you be the judge of her letter!
Wow Mommy and Daddy!! 
Chulucanas is very different! It is still very hot. Sometimes I think it is hotter than Piura. The people say that it will be cooling down in a week or so. I think they are joking with me. I think I have had some of the most diverse areas in the whole mission. First I was at the beach and then I was in the middle of the desert and now I am in the middle of the jungle. I am definitely going to be a Peru expert when I get home! Wow to say the least my week has been crazy. Every day I think that I have seen all that Peru has to offer me and then something crazy happens... 
Well for starters on Tuesday we have a district meeting... half of us are in Chulucanas and half are in Tambo Grande about 30 minutes away. There are no cars or anything to Tambo Grande from here so we would have to take a bus and hour to Piura and then a bus an hour and a half to Tambo Grande and then back to Piura to Chulucanas... we weren’t about to do that so the Elders decided well.... I guess we could take a moto its only 30 minutes...... well Hermana Llontop and I were like are you serious? In a moto..... yeah we all smushed in a moto and got on our way... about an hour into the ride the driver tells us it’s probably going to be another hour till we get there.... what?? We continue... we are literally crossing rivers and on dirt roads oh it was awful... so hot.. and Hermana Llontop had to sit on my lap the whole way... anyways we stop like 30 minutes away from Tambo Grande because our moto driver told us that he didn’t have his papers and that there was the state police... we waited for like 20 minutes but he never left so we decided to try to pass him, well yeah he caught us... luckily we are 3 gringos and we are teaching the word of god so elder Harris whipped out his bible shared a scripture and he let us pass.... hahahaha oh man I couldn’t even believe it.. We made it to Tambo Grande and had the meeting for like 30 minutes and had to go back to Chulucanas.... hahaha I never want to do that again but it’s a funny memory.
Chulucanas is very different. We have lots of lessons everyday which is good for my Spanish. It’s a small branch with like 30 people. The people here are friendly and accepting to the message Kind of like my area La Cruz. We have a lot of people that have dates for baptisms but no one ever wants to come to the church... it’s very frustrating. 3 girls just returned from missions this week from this branch and so I am hoping to work with them a lot!! 
This week we did service for a less active member. The elders were supposed to come but they bailed. We get there and I have never in my life did something like this... we slaughtered a pig... in skirts!!! I about threw up like every 5 minutes.... We slaughtered the whole pig and cut it up and took all the insides out and well I just hope we never go back... I am kind of still in shock... that’s a story to tell my kids.
Well today for p-day we went to a little town outside Chulucanas that sells art work. It’s really pretty. I bought another turtle for mom  and I found a one of a kind Jesus is the Christ statue.... this guy made it for a missionary but he never came to get it. He gave it to me for 10 soles. I will have to send it to you guys when I get a chance or when Hermana Ana comes to Utah in June!
Well I can’t wait to get my package and hear from all of you! Hope all is well back home! I can’t believe it’s almost been 6 months! The time is flying but there is not one place I would rather be then here on this crazy journey! I am learning things I would not otherwise have learned and for that I am grateful!
Hermana brown
Hermana Brown and Hermana Llontop (pronounced Yawntop)
Yep this girl seeks out the puppys. She has never met a dog that she hasn't tried to pet.
She says that this is the stairwell to hedoublehockeystick.
Peruvian art....also her and her companions name badges.
My love for turtles is rubbing off on her.
I wonder which turtle that she bought me!
Welcome to Morrapon!
Homes in Chulucanas.
Picture wall is up and going again in the new area!  Just waiting to get her package so she can have a few new additions!
More turtles...no she did not get me this one...she is so sad about it too!
Some more Peruvian art
Some mountains that she hopes to hike on a p-day. Looks pretty green to me despite the hot weather.
Here is part of the pig that she processed.  I am sparing you the picture of the pig blood and inners that they made in to sausage.  You are welcome. She says that she almost threw up every 5 minutes.  I think that she did well.  I would have gagged the entire time.  I probably would have been pretty useless.

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