Tuesday, May 24, 2016

200 days down.......

Howdy Everyone.....so we passed the 200 day mark.......I know.......we are doing awesome! I am going to paint Aushlynn's room this week. We are also getting new carpet installed on Saturday.  She will be so excited to see pictures! Hermana Brown sounds like she is doing amazing! Here is what she has to say this week.
Hey Guys!
This week I went into it having an optimistic mind. I went into this week having good thoughts and good goals. Well this week was better than the last few. We were able to continue to work and continue to push the work of the lord further! I realized when I am doing the lords work and teaching and preparing people for baptism I am the happiest. I also set some goals for myself this week that I was able to reach! 
This week we were able to find and teach 4 new people. Now I know every week we say that we found new people and you guys are probably thinking wow they are teaching like 50 people ha ha. Well most of the time here it’s very hard to contact these people after the first visit ha ha. The people that are really the chosen are the ones that are ready for our message and are always there for our 2nd visit. We have one investigator named Mary. She is a mom of 2 kids. We have taught her 3 lessons now. When we gave her the book of Mormon and told her to read it we came back the next visit and she had read like 20 chapters. Okay this is unheard of. She is very in tune with the spirit. She hasn’t attended church yet which is a real bummer but I know she is prepared for our message.
So this week one of my goals was to teach more with the bible and the book of Mormon. Every morning for personal study I would study scriptures for our lessons that day. I realized that I got more out of the scriptures when I read them not just for my own knowledge but for someone else’s as well. This week I am so grateful for the scriptures. They have answers to questions that no one else has the answer too. A lot of the people here are very into the bible and so I have been trying to study verses from that too. There is a lot of things that I didn’t even know and am learning so much. 
This week we had a district meeting in Piura. Our district leader (Elder Harris ) is very good at inviting the spirit in these meetings. We talked a lot about obedience. Our mission is really struggling with this at this time. I know that Presidente puts rules in place not just to add more rules but it’s to help us be better teachers, be more in tune with the spirit, and also be able to receive revelation. 
This week we did a lot of service. I always love doing service :) Maybe it’s because I don’t have to be in a skirt.... :) No I really love helping the people in Peru with the things they lack. It’s very sad because sometimes it’s as simple as running water or having light in there house. This is one thing I have learned to be very grateful for. This week we did a lot of weeding.. yes weeding mom. We also for p-day helped move churches in Morrapon. I know this is the last p-day of the transfer but I was happy to be doing service. We think they are going to close this area to sisters next week when transfers happen. That means I will probably be on the move again! Such is the life of a missionary.
Well that was pretty much my week. Thank you for all your prayers! They are felt all the way here in Peru. I know I am pretty far away but you all are still very close in my heart. :)
Hermana Brown
On the road again......I can't wait to get off this bus!!! (Hermana Brown is not a big fan of busses.  They make her a little nauseous.)
So everyone tells me that I am a princess because I am literally scared of all the bugs and well I really don't like dirt. (huh....she sounds like her momma!) I have now reached a new level of princess. I was walking to an appointment and somebody gave me a bouquet  of dead roses and told me I looked like a princess! :0)
Climbed to the top of the bell tower in the church.
I wonder if she rang the bell....I am betting that she did......accidently..... on purpose! I know her!
We toured a Catholic Church for p-day....yikes it was super weird

Hermana Thomas turned 20 on the 20th so we had a fiesta. In Peru for birthdays, they smash eggs on your head....I may or may not have purchased 20 eggs for the cause.  Other brought eggs as well so she had about 40 eggs smashed on her head. I also prevented the Elders from throwing flour on her.....us girls have gotta stick up for one another!!! I kept telling her that it is a great conditioner for her hair and scalp. Yeah.....I am so in for it on my birthday....shh.......do tell anyone when it is!!!
Who is going to clean up this mess????
Exchanges with my Mum! Wow, I have missed her!

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