Tuesday, May 31, 2016

On the move again......good-bye Chulucanas......Hello Paita!

Well....you will never guess who is on the move to a new area....this girl......again! Aushlynn is having to say good-bye to an area and people that she has come to love. In Chulucanas she has formed some sweet friendships that will last a lifetime. She has also seen some things that she would just as well hoped she would had never seen. This area will forever be etched in to her memory and heart for sure. 

Here is what she had to say this week.

Heyyyy!! :)

So as you already know I got transferred to PAITA!!! I am always on the move... The sisters in the mission only have like 4 or 5 areas in there whole mission and I am 7 months in and I am on my 4th area! I’m pretty sure I am going to know all of Piura before the end of my mission! Each area is so different too! Honestly the worst part about being a missionary is having to lug all your stuff to different areas!! Honestly every time I pack all my stuff I wonder how I even got some of these things lol. You would think by now I would have not much to bring with me but that is false ha ha. My companion actually stayed in Chulucanas so that’s cool too! 

I am super excited to start this new adventure in Paita! Fun fact... this is Hermana Pays area that she has been in her whole mission! It was fun to get a few notes from her when I entered the room! My new companion is Hermana Ramos! She only has 3 months in the mission! She just finished her training! She is super sweet and super funny! I’m so excited to see what Paita has to offer and also I’m ready to see some baptisms lol! Also I am close to the beach again yay!! 

Anyways my last few days in Chulucanas was super sad. I made a lot of good friends in that area! It was a sad goodbye. On Sunday I had about 3 lunches and 2 dinners lol. I seriously am going to be full for like a week! Also Hermana Nelly made me a big cake and the branch had a farewell testimony meeting for me! It was super cute and I am super grateful that I was able to serve with some of these people! 

We did a lot of service this week as well. One day we went to Morrapon and moved churches and painted the new building. The walls here are made out of dirt so you can imagine how good that paint went on ha ha. Anyways we also were able to attend sacrament meeting in Morrapon! We were able to get 25 people to come to church that day! MIRACLE! This week we aren’t able to go to church because they are voting for president again so that gives me a chance to go and visit members and get to know them more!! :) 

Anyways I am super excited and pumped for this new area! I know that the lord has people for me to teach here! 

P.S. Also... my room doesn’t have a door on the bathroom... we have to shower with buckets full of water and then use our used shower water to flush the toilet. I’m thinking we need to change this lol... 

Hermana Brown

 Hermana Brown and her new companion Hermana Ramos. This will be her first time serving as the senior companion....no way has she been out long enough to be the senior!!
The Elders and the Sisters on her last day in Chulucanas.
Hermana Nelly made her ceviche and shrimp
Hermana Nelly and Hermana Anakris...and of course Hermana Brown.
This photo was taken from the bus on my last visit to Morrapon...I am going to miss how green and lush that it is there!
Hermana Llontop, Hermana Anakris and Hermana Brown.  I am going to miss Hermana Anakris so much! ;(
 Hermana Brown and Hermana Llontop before a service project.
A cool picture Aushlynn and her companion took with their Missionary name tags and Young Women's Medallions.
 On the bus to Paita with some other missionaries.
The cake that Hermana Nelly made me. It says: I wish you a lot of success in your new area!! Photobomb by Elder Harris....thanks to him Aushlynn can't have one nice photo on her camera...haha!
Hermana Brown, Hermana Nelly and Hermana Llontop and her departing dinner.
 Aushlynn with a sister in the Chulucanas branch.
Me getting my flu shot! I still hate shots! (I am going to go out on a limb and guess that not to many people enjoy shots either!)
The Elders were so proud of this pole that they cut with a machete and then dug a hole in the ground with. Part of a service project. You must be super resourceful in Peru

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