Tuesday, June 7, 2016

We will survive...

Hey Peeps....time for the weekly update. I have some super bad news....no pictures this week......What??? GASP!! I know how you feel....the pictures are the highlight of my week too....but somebody left her camera at her apartment so she could not upload any......we will get thru this....only 6 more days until next p-day.....if we just take deep breaths we should be able to make it.
Also, somebody hit the 8th month mark.....WOOT WOOT...not the end....just the beginning....but since its already the 7th we are getting pretty close to 9 months. I mean we could just round there if we want.....Aushlynnn was and her dad had to totally burst her bubble this week.....it was a mean thing to do Kendall! Haha!
Aush told me in her new area that it actually gets cold in the night time.  She has to use her sweaters in the evenings. She said its a miracle and that she hasn't felt cold in along time.  I think that she must be forgetting her daily showers in the cold water! Haha.
Here is her letter for the week!
Hola Parents!
Well I survived another week out here you know preaching and all. Ha ha so I have mixed feelings about this area. The work here is great and the members are super awesome! We had 17 lessons with members this week! We are super excited that we have 16 people with baptismal dates! I am hoping to see baptisms on the 18th! The one on the 18th is a man named Piero. He just needs to come to church one more time and he is all set. The people here in Paita are so ready for our message! Also we are so close to having a stake out here in Paita! Right now it’s just 4 or 5 branches and we are hoping to get it to a stake!! We have about 150 people that come to church each week. We are hoping to increase that number!
Hermana Ramos is such a sweetheart! She is awesome! She is also a really good missionary and I have already learned a ton of things from her! We also work really good together and are pretty efficient! She is from Lima! She has had 3 months in the mission and this is her 3rd transfer here in Paita! She will probably be leaving next transfer so I have to enjoy and live up this time we have together!! :) 
So the area is not even close to the beach... I am in an area called Paita Alta.. :( I haven’t even seen the beach once since I have been here. My area is pure dirt. We have no roads. It’s actually kind of depressing. It isn’t very big either! The people are super friendly though and willing to listen to our message! Also, I’m probably going to gain some weight in this area because everyone gives us fresh baked bread every day!
This week we had to look for a new apartment! Ugh... We searched all week long and seriously had no luck.. I have been literally showering with a bucket for 7 days now... and this morning when I took a shower the water was so cold it gave me a brain freeze :) We were pretty discouraged by the end of the week but on Sunday God blessed us with the apartments of all apartments in Paita!! It’s seriously huge and it has a shower!! **TIM TEBOWS** We also have a balcony! We moved all our stuff this morning! YAY!!
I haven’t been feeling well this past week. I think that our Pensionista isn’t preparing food correctly. We may need to find a new one. My companion doesn’t really like rice anyway ha ha.
Today for p-day went to THE BEACH..... oh wait... we actually traveled in bus to Cactacous! Hahahahaha I hate buses so much. I bought a cute hat and a hammock that I am going to hang on our balcony :) We also ran into Presidente and his wife! He invited us to lunch! HE IS THE BEST! Also I ran into my friend from high school Elder White!
So yeah that’s it for this week! Thanks for all your prayers! 
Hermana Brown

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