Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Merry Christmas from La Cruz

This week has been a pretty good one.  We were able to Skype with Aushlynn on Christmas day and that was AWESOME!  She looks so good. She is super happy and just had a great glow about her!  Here is her letter.

Hey mommy and daddy!
The rest of Christmas was good! It ended up being like 105 degrees that's day. It was insane! So much different than Christmas at home. We just spent the day in a members home and played monopoly! I beat everyone! On Christmas they lit off fireworks but really they were just really loud firecrackers lol.
I also practiced my Spanish with Elder Culaca he is really cool and he teaches me pronunciation and words in Espanol and I teach him in English. My Spanish is getting better.. I am speaking more in lessons and just with the Latinos.
We have 2 people committed to baptisms on the 23rd of January so hopefully they stay strong and keep coming to church.
At times I find myself missing the cold weather but then I think wow if I was in that type of weather I would be hating it so! Haha whatever!
I miss talking sports with people. Here its just two Latino elders and they don’t even like soccer so..... Im praying for them. We played football Americano on the beach today with some of our zone. It was really fun except for the Americans either didn't like a favorite team or one of the zone leaders likes the Patriots... YUCKKKK. They were surprised I actually could catch the ball. I got a little sun on my face and on my arms but that's good lol.
I am collecting seashells to send to you! All is well here in Peru... We even got the elders to get pizza... my first pizza here. It was better than I expected it was like little Caesars but it was good. We got Hawaiian,it was like 10 soles for like 12 slices... wow how I'm going to miss how cheap things are here. Hope all is well back home!

Love you guys!
Hermana brown
One of my favorite pictures that she has sent.  Aushlynn overlooking the ocean and her mission area.
This looks like a electrical accident waiting to happen.  Apparently, this is also where the cats love to tightrope and test out there nine lives! The cats probably walk the wires to avoid all the stray dogs below!
Aushlynn gets a plate of fries and a coke on a regular basis for her dinner. It is at a place called Naky's. It sets her back 3 soles for dinner.  So, that is about a $1 here. Her Pensionista only make her the noon day meal which is lunch so she is on her own for the other two meals.
Off to the left you can see a soccer field.  This reminds me of the field that Aushlynn used to play soccer on at Marv Jenson fields when she was 7 or 8. They never watered them and it was always just a dirt patch.
The church building that she attends. It is about a 7 minute walk from her apartment so not to bad of a commute for her. It has a chapel on the bottom level that holds about 100 people. The upstairs has four rooms.  Also see her cute dress.....a lady in La Cruz makes them for 10 soles.  Me and Madi are sending our measurements so she can get us one.
This is at a fruit farm that she visited a few weeks back.
The family that owns the fruit farm are members and wanted to send bags of fruit home with them.  The fruit that she is holding is a Cacao bean and is what they make chocolate from.
Beach picture....poor girl is just suffering with the scenery.
Oh my heart...I love this picture.
Aushlynn is trying to catch a Moto....sometimes they just drive right past her.
Hermana Brown and Hermana Martinez in a Moto.
Stairway to who knows....but probably a great cardio workout to burn off all those fries and Cokes!
Oh my, Aushlynn is petting all the nice dogs that she can see.  She says that she can tell if they are nice. The dogs are all homeless and just run around everywhere.  I told her that she was going to get fleas!  Haha.
Hermana Brown Selfie!  Hey everybody......Catch you next week!

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