Tuesday, December 22, 2015


So....Aushlynn arrived in Piura....She is no longer in South Jordan that is for sure! I have been dying to know where she ended up.  Me and Kendall have been trying to guess.  You see.....her mission President had posted a bunch of videos for Christmas of all the missionaries and we watched them all to see what one her companion was in.  We did narrow it down to 2 areas and Kendall was right as to were she was serving.  We also figured out the night before her companions name because of a Christmas card that the mission President posted with all the missionaries names one it. I know....we are nuts and have very little else to do. We are commited so you have to give us that!

So we did receive one picture this week... It is only half of Aushlynn....but half of her is better than none of her so I posted it anyway. Your welcome!
Hey Mommy and Daddy!
I’m in Tumbes.  Well actually La Cruz….it's about 10 minutes away.  It’s at the very top of Peru. My Companions name is Hermana Martinez, she has been serving for about 9 months. She speaks both English and Spanish. She has been serving in this area for about 4 months. She is from Inca, Peru.  Her trainer was Hermana Brown, a blonde from Washington…funny! My district is us and 2 sets of Elders. Two of the Elders are Americans, one is from Centerville and one is from Boise.

Traveling to Piura was an adventure. We were the first group to leave.  We left the CCM at 2 am.  We flew to Piura and I threw up on the plane. Good thing Hermana Pay had a bag for me. Haha! I felt better after that.  We got to the mission home and we were briefed on the mission.  Then Prez Ras said we could take a 2 hour nap…bless him….It was much needed!  We had tacos…that’s new! The we got our trainers.  Me and Hermana Martinez had to split because we had the farthest to travel…5 hours on the bus……it was awful….I felt sick the whole time.  When got to our apartment, I was puking my guts out until morning…but I was okay by the afternoon.

 I am doing ok…haha.  It has been a culture shock.  It is very very very humble here.  I am by the beach, but haven’t gotten a chance to go there yet.  But, I can see it from my apartment. Our apartment is very dirty and has bugs. The shower is nasty and has the coldest water.  It has been hard for sure!  One good thing that I can say is that the bugs just don’t seem to like me. I have had like 2 bug bites while everyone else continues to get bit like crazy….what a blessing!  It is hot here, but it’s not overbearing yanno? My companion is from Peru and she can barely stand the heat….weird…it is definitely my type of weather.
We teach about 6-7 lessons a day and contact a lot. We are teaching a few families with kids. Church was good. They had me bare my testimony in espanol…..I’m pretty sure no one could understand me. LOL!  The best experience that I have has so far in Tumbes is just feeling the spirit during the lessons. Even though sometimes I have no idea what they are saying…the thing that I love…in English or Spanish…..the Spirit is the same!

My visa has yet to come thru.  It looks like I have to travel to Lima in 20 to 50 days…..not sure how that is going to work.

My Pensionista is great.  The food has been pollo y aroz….. chicken and rice for every meal. It has been good so far.  All the juices here are nasty so she know knows just to give me water lol.  The only meal they eat here is lunch so we are on our own for the other 2 so I just buy fries every night….lol…..not very healthy, but they are only 2 soles and are good and they give you a lot! To get a coke it is 1 sole… I get at least one a day.  Where we get the fries is just below our apartment. They also sell chicken and burgers…but I can’t have the burgers because they are made from pork.
We get around by walking and taking motos. It is crazy here. Get this….moto rides to anywhere are 1 sole. (30cents)  Its crazy cheap here.  People sometimes whistle and stare at me… it is kinda awkward.

So funny story…….I left both pairs of roxy shoes at the CCM, Oops!  I forgot that they were under the bed….so the only pairs I have are the 2 you made me bring, my green ones and the Jesus  sandels.

Today for P-day we went with a set of Elders to a fruit farm and hung out. Christmas in La Cruz is pretty different. No lights and trees, usually just paper that say Navidad lol.
I am going to be able to skype.  I am not sure of a time but it will be towards the morning sometime….so watch for me! I can’t wait for Friday to see you all!

I love you guys!
Hermana Brown

Here are some pictures that I found of La Cruz. I am glad that my beach girl is by the beach.  I can't wait to learn more from her about the area and the people that she comes into contact with!

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