Friday, December 4, 2015

Peru CCM La Cuarta Semana

I see a pattern here and I am not proud of it. It is taking me to long to get her letter posted. My computer was being used yesterday by a group of two and three year olds to watch "Super Simple Songs" on the youtube. They were being so good and singing along that I did not have the heart to take the computer to post Aushlynn's letter. But I am here now and that is what counts.....right???

 Also, Aushlynn has now been gone for over a month.......she left on November 3rd and it is now Dec 4th! Only 17 more months...or 515 more days.......but who's counting?

But before I post her letter, I will fill you in on a few important questions that she answered this week. I asked her how her finger was....remember that she hurt it playing ultimate football the week before? My finger is had to be wrapped all week though. In her second letter home, she stated that she was on the top bunk and felt like she was going to roll off. She is used to sleeping in a king size bed, so I was a little concerned for her safety....anyway she answered....I have not fallen off but have seriously come close. Question number three involves her hair care products. She is a consumer of shampoo and condition. And when I say a consumer....I mean that she uses...A LOT. We packed her 2 bottles of each and she was concerned it would just not be enough. I told her she would be fine and it was a good opportunity to learn to control the addiction while at the know maybe cut back a bit. I asked her if her shampoo and conditioner were gone....She stated, its not gone...but I just opened my second bottles 3 days ago......I am not sure if she has cut back....haha. Those were 24 oz bottles! The last question that I asked is if there are any new missionaries that are going to be joining her and Sister Pay in Piura. She told me that she has met 2 new sisters, but has yet to met any Elders that will join them in Piura.

Now, for her letter......

Hola Everybody!

So I am currently freaking out because on Sunday I had a feeling that the Broncos had won. I knew it in my heart and all the boys in my district said it “wasn’t possible“. Now I am laughing in all their faces. I guess you know you’re a true fan when you receive feelings about a game ha ha. I just wish I was back home to rub it in my friends who are Patriot fans faces ha ha ;)

For thanksgiving we kind of had a normal meal. They made pumpkin pie which was delicious. We had a devotional after but all in all it was a pretty normal day.
Sunday… I escaped the hunger games draw once again. My companion wasn’t so fortunate though she had to give a talk in sacrament meeting. It seriously is the most nerve wracking thing. She did so well though. All the lessons were so powerful that day and all the food that day was extra delicious.
In the CCM we pray like every 10 minutes. I’m always thinking of things to pray for. Ha Ha.

These last few days have kind of been hard. Our group of girls got really close to two girls that left to their missions on Tuesday. Our whole district was really close to the one before us so we literally have no one to hang out with anymore but ourselves because the district below ours are kind of annoying except for one elder that’s from Herriman he is super chill.

Also the room that we have had our whole time here we had to move out of. It was sad we are Moroni 110. Now we have a stellar view of a brick wall it’s sweet… NOT.

Physical activity was just full of ultimate football. We play against the district below us. They play kind of dirty so we are not fans of them. We are currently 1-1 with them. Elder Stringham was not happy with our performance and will not accept another loss. Haha it’s kind of a rivalry here.

Can you believe tomorrow will be 1 month? It’s so crazy to me. I feel like I have been here forever but yet I look back and time has just flown by. The days just seem to mesh together because we do the exact same thing every single day like clock work lol. Only 17 more days to go.

I went out proselyting with real missionaries in lima east. It was such a cool experience. We contacted on the streets and I gave 4 Book of Mormon's away. We also had two lessons in members homes. We were in a scary area where girls were just taken out of. Yeah sketchy, but we had a boy teacher with us so it was safe. He actually was Caldon Preece’s companion. He was telling me stories about Piura and it makes me excited to get there. There is also a Papa John's and a Chili's in Piura so I’m stoked.

I miss everyone so much every day. I’ve missed my brothers most this week just because all the boys in my district have attributes of them plus its football season and that’s one thing we bond most over.

Today we got to go to the temple again. It seriously is such a beautiful temple even though it’s so tiny.

We found a new place to shop and all the girls got Peruvian pants! Oh they are the greatest thing. Whenever we get a chance to wear pants here in the CCM we do! I also got new scripture case for my Spanish scriptures and a coin pouch with real llama fur on it. It’s pretty sweet. Also my new favorite thing is saltine crackers covered in chocolate. They are soooo good! I hope all is well back at home.

Love Hermana Brown

On the bus going to the Lima Temple. (Perhaps these are the bus people from my dream 25 years ago! Haha....for those of you that get my joke!)

Peruvian pants that she talks so highly of. The picture is of all the sisters in her district and room.

Demonstrating how stretch the Peruvian pant really wonder they are so comfortable!

One of the Hermana's that Aushlynn loved that has left the CCM to start her missionary service. In other notes...does she not look so grown up in this picture?

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  1. She is doing great, isn't she?! I'm so glad to finally see a picture of the 'bus people' too! Mindy you are too funny!