Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Peru Twenty Sixteen Ano Nuevo!!

I was excited to hear from this girl this week.  I was not a fan of hearing that her apartment had been broken into and that they were robbed during the night.  So extremely thankful that they are both safe and only "things" were taken. The Missionaries are really watched over and kept safe from harm. Me on the other hand, I have now bumped up my anxiety to a new level.  I was doing so well...sigh.  Remember to keep all the missionaries in  your prayers. Anyway, here is her letter.

Mis padres!
Well another week has just flown by and I can't believe its already Monday again. Seriously, when you just dig yourself into missionary work you tend to just forget about the world and time. A lot has happened this week. Ano Nuevo!! ( New Years) It was weird not being at home and surrounded by a different culture, but it was fun. We didn't do much because we had to be back into our homes at 9:30....sigh. Okay, one thing about Peru is they burn everything.... and I mean EVERYTHING! Their trash especially... its disgusting the air here is so bad.
Anyways.... jump back to Monday night... so right above us they are building another apartment and they have bricks stacked up as high as our window. During the night, someone broke into our house, through the windows because our windows don't have locks. They stole our phone and DVD players... I think the robber was in a rush or scared or something because that's all they took, oh and my companions plaque. No money or my camera or anything. I was pretty scared after that happened. We told our Zone Leaders, we didn't move apartments, but our Landlord put bars on our windows, but I'm just glad they didn't do anything to us. We are hoping to get a new phone soon because it is difficult to contact our investigators or the other missionaries for weekly meetings or reporting our numbers.
Anyways, the rest of the week we had visits with many new investigators. Many current investigators, we teach but it just seems to go nowhere, they don't attend church and they don't read, but we continue to teach them. We have only 1 baptism now on date for a girl that is 13. The other girl told us she doesnt wanna meet with us anymore... after she said she wanted to be baptized.... very strange but life goes on. Teaching has been tough, but were are hoping that it picks up now that the holidays are over.
I'm starting to really love the people here in the ward and La Cruz in general. They are all so friendly and willing to listen to what we have to say and they are patient with me and my spanish. I feel like I made some milestones this week with my spanish. I am speaking more and the vocab is just coming to me and I am speaking with more of an accent everyday, its pretty amazing. This Sunday was Fast Sunday and I had the oppurtunity to share my testimony again. I also got to hear many people in the wards testimonies and its so true... the spirit can be felt anywhere.
A sad thing that happened this week is my pentionistas dog died..... like very suddenly one morning.... she was a mess and I was a mess.... because I know that if it was my Buddy the world would be ending. My companion doesn't really have a soft spot for animals so she was glad I could comfort her.
I find myself missing the colder weather sometimes...haha....especially at church when there is no air conditioning.....it is like I am drowning is sweat lol.
I am teaching an English class on the 12th, but I feel like I teach English everyday to a group of kids that catch us every night. They think English is ridiculous and like to laugh at it.
My companion and I are really good friends and I adore her. Another thing about church, I am now having to lead the music for sacrament... they just ask me over the pulpit when they see there is only like 10 people in the stands lol.... I cant even sing with the congregation because they are so off and now I find myself leading them haha its bad but what am I gonna do. That is pretty much all for this week. I love you all and hope you all have a great New Year! 
Hermana Brown

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  1. So thankful that the Lord is always watching over His Missionaries. Glad to know she still has a soft spot for Buddy, he's a good dog!