Friday, December 18, 2015

Lights at Temple Square

Last night we made our Annual trek downtown to see the lights at Temple Square. We were joined by Sadie and Avery's girlfriend Alex. We decided to take the Trax train because the Tabernacle Choir was having a concert and we were concerned about parking. We saw the lights...ate some Pizza....found a drivers license....made new was a great night!

Here is a shot that I took of the does not include any lights...but I thought that it was a cool shot.

Some lights by the reflecting ponds between the Temple and the Joseph Smith Memorial building.

Some more lights.

Here is a picture of the whole gang...minus me.

Avery and Alex....Note to Avery....when you are texting your girlfriend you really should make sure that you are actually texting her and not your Mom.......something are not meant for your mother's eyes! haha

This picture is blurry....but it is the only one of me in it. It could have been such a good picture if only the camera girl would have held still. I was accused of wearing mom jeans....What??...this is my favorite pair and I don't think that they scream....MOM!!! (they are so stretchy by the way and makes for the splits on the escalator know like the scene in Elf!)

This is our new friend Jackson.....we met him on the train coming home from the lights. He goes to Westlake High school....I completely embarrassed Madi and Sadie by talking to him...and asking if I could take his picture.........we did end up with his that's is the start of a budding friendship.....your welcome Madi!

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