Wednesday, December 16, 2015

She has arrived....

One of the very hardest things about having a Missionary out in the mission field is the not knowing. We knew that Aushlynn would be leaving to Piura this week, but we had no idea what day she would leave...... let alone any flight information. Yesterday evening we received a email from Aushlynn's mission President. I about ran into the bedroom door when I saw it because I was so excited for Kendall to see it.

Here is Hermana Brown and her Trainer/Companion. Also pictured is her Mission President and his wife. President and Sister Rassmussen

Here is the letter that we received from her.

Here are a few pictures that I lifted from Facebook off the Piura Peru mission page. I am assuming that this is at the airport after she arrived in Piura.

There were six new missionaries that arrived in Piura with Aushlynn's transfer. Looks like she was the second tallest of the bunch. This must excite her. I guess she gets all that height from my good genes. HaHa. If you want to be tall go to Peru!

 Well, that is all that I know. I have no idea what area that she is serving in. Hopefully is close to the beach and she has a nice trade wind breeze. I have no idea what her companions name is. When I try to zoom in on the picture it just gets blurry. We will all have to wait until the 21st on her first P-day in Piura to find out that information. But....she does look happy! Oh, and one last observation ......she is wearing the other pair of icky missionary shoes that I made her take that she insisted that she would never wear! I think that both the brown pair and the black pair look good and I bet that her feet are so comfortable!

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