Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The best thing I ever ate....since August

Now, I do not claim to be the worlds best gardener. In fact if my Dad saw my garden today he might skin me alive.  Sometimes I just get to busy to spend oodles of time out there.  I know, I know if I just spend 5 minutes a day weeding I would have no weeds....but ain't nobody's got time for that. 

This year I planted two zucchini plants, two crook neck squash......lets talk about that for a second.  You can see them in the background of the picture dead. What was I thinking.  Way to much.  I had to stop watering it a month ago because I could not take it anymore.  I also planted beans.  Yummy!

But what I am most proud of is my bumper crop of 28 tomato plants.  Why so many. Well duh... I don't want to take the chance of not getting any tomatoes, so I might go overboard.  You can tell they are organic with the weeds and all.

Oh my gosh....they are so good.  I start getting excited around the end of July when the green ones start turning a little orange.  Me and Kendall always try and call dibs on the first tomato.....who am I kidding, I want the first ten all to myself.  I am selfish like that.

But I am not kidding, there is nothing that can compare to a fresh garden grown tomato. They are delicious.  I detest store bought tomatoes.  GROSS! They do not even compare according to me.  As a kid, my mom made me go and pick tomatoes in a field so she could bottle them.  I remember taking a salt shaker with me.  I would sit in the middle of the field and pick the best red-orange orb out there and rub it around on my shirt to get all the dirt off.  I would then lick a spot and add the salt.  It had to be wet for the salt to stick.  Then I would take a bite of the delicious, warm tomato.  Oh my starry-eyed surprise, it was HEAVEN!  Then it was salt, bite, salt bite...well you get the idea.  I am sure that I would eat about 5 during the time that I was picking them.

The best way still to eat them is to slice them up and add a little salt...AMAZING!

I think I will go have another.......