Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Can I get a Hallelujah!!!!

We have been dealing with Medical Bills for most of the year.  First it was my ear infections.  Can I tell you that dealing with those for 11 months was a NIGHTMARE!  So glad that we finally got those under control. Then it was Aushlynn's elbow....and then Avery's elbow......and then Madison stomach.  Well, it lead to a big pile of bills. 

The stack is this high!  Ugh!  I have been slowly paying them off a little at a time each month.  In other news we are only $977.24 away from our $8600 out of pocket yearly MAX!

Anyway the reason for the post is......I paid the LAST....ONE....OFF....TODAY!!!!  Oh my gosh I am so excited!  Well, at least they will be paid off for a few hours and I will not owe anyone until after 4:00 pm when Madison has her ultrasound on her leg.

Well, this calls for a hardcore CELEBRATION!  CHEERS!
(I know pretty hardcore...but I gotta attempt to sleep tonight!)

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