Thursday, September 17, 2015

Texting while Crunching....

So a funny thing happened at the gym yesterday.  Now get this, I am not making fun of people that go to the gym because we all know that I am one that needs to be there.  In fact....I am probably a person that people make fun worries there.

But, we were about 15 minutes early for our bootcamp class, so me, Kendall and Aushlynn went and hit the elliptical trainers to warm up.  Well, after we had been there for a minute or so in walk three guys to workout.  Two of them hit the treadmills, which are in front of us, with the exception of a row of recumbent bikes.  The third guy looked over our way.  Now, I'm pretty sure that it was not me he was impressed with but Aushlynn.   He was certainly dresses to impress with half his boxers showing and his shorts sung around the middle of his butt.  Can I just take a minute here.....guys this look does not impress us.....pull your pants up for heavens sake! You are not doing yourselves any favors going with this look.  Anyway third guy went over and grabbed a black mat so he could work on his crunches.  He laid the mat right behind his friends treadmills.  Now, this would have to be the worst place to choose to do crunches in the gym.  What if a friend fell off the back of the treadmill??  Anyway he was positioned right in front of us.  He then sat down on the mat and took his cell phone out and started crunching and texting at the same time. WOW!  Boy was he lighting speed at both.  I was impressed.  I mean he did about 30 crunches in the time that I could do 5.  Now, I have not seen my abs in this decade...I feel them everyday because they hurt, but they are just not there for me ya know.  Also, I was impressed with texting.  He had a sweet slider phone.  I mean was he really making actual conversation and spelling words right?  I sit down with no distractions and I can't type a correct sentence on my phone to save my life.  My smartphone is always making me look like an idiot. This boy was IM...PRESS...IVE!  I looked over at Aushlynn and she just rolled her eyes!

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