Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Aushlynn!

Today this beautiful girl turns 19 years old.  I cannot believe that all my babies are growing up.  Can you believe what a hottie that she is! This is one of my favorite pictures of her. It is a selfie that she took of herself a few months ago.  My selfies never, and I mean never turn out this good.  I sure do know how to make gorgeous kids right? 

It is a miracle that this girl is even here!  Aushlynn and her brother Avery are only 13 months apart.  I do not know how she was conceived.  Well, I do know how......but I had just had a baby, was breastfeeding him and was on a depo provera shots.  This girl was determined to come into our family and she did not want to wait. I always say that her and Avery are my twins that could not fit at the same time.  We did not tell anyone that we were having her until about 3 months before I had her.  Our families were shocked! 

This girl has always been a mystery.  I had two ultrasounds done while I was pregnant with her and we could never tell if she was a girl or a boy.  This baby was always so modest.  So, I went into labor not knowing the gender of the baby.  She was the only one of our kids that was a surprise at birth.  When I was in labor with her...for some reason nobody at the hospital believed me.  They kept telling me to go home and wait another month.  Well, I knew what labor was.....I had done it twice before.  Long story short she.... was born 2 hours later.... in a recover room..... with no epidural.  I remember telling the Dr. on call that if the baby was not a girl I was going to kill him.  He told me I was talking to the wrong guy and should take that up with my husband.  I assured him that it was him I would kill because he did not believe me I was in labor and I was having to do this without pain meds.  I told him that if it was a boy it was not worth it.  Anyway... he lucked out because we had out first GIRL!

Aushlynn was named by her brother Dyllon .  When I was pregnant with Avery we asked him what we should name the baby, he said "Aushlynn".  He had just turned two.  I loved it.....remembered it and then named my first daughter it.  Thanks for the awesome name Dyllon!

One of my favorite things about Aushlynn is that she has a tender place in her heart for those who have special needs.  Thru her high school years she participated with the Best Buddies programs and the Special Needs Olympics.  She is going to play basketball in a few weeks with the Special Olympics as a last hurrah before she leaves for her mission.

Anyway, I hope that this girl has her best BiRtHdAy yet!  I am so going to miss her when she leaves to Peru in a few weeks!  Happy Birthday baby girl!

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  1. That girl is too wonderful to describe fully - remember when you threatened to leave her in Idaho because she threw a fit cause someone else got the front seat? What a kid - and now - what a beautiful young woman! There is only one Aushlynn in this world, and I am so glad she is part of our family!