Sunday, September 13, 2015

Confessions of a Football Widow

I like I love it?  I would not go that far. I used to love football.  When my boys played little league...I did love it.  I loved everything about it.(except maybe the practices) I loved going to the games.  I even loved being the team mom.  I loved getting caught up in the craziness of being part of something big. It was awesome!

Now football might just be a little to much. I like football.  I support the Denver Broncos and the BYU Cougars.  Always have, always will.  I like to root against the Utah Utes just to get under Dyllon's skin.  Okay , I might love to root against them....he is just to much fun to tease about it.  But, I do not know how this happened...... I am forced to watch way to much football.  We have to watch the Thursday night game.......Why???  Unless the Broncos are playing I do not see the point.  Then we must watch football all Saturday for the college games.  Who cares about all the games.  Then on Sunday....its another three to four games. Then again on Monday Night.  Not to even mention all the pre-game shows! AUGH!  TO MUCH FOOTBALL. 

Once upon a time I was invited to play a fantasy football league with Kendall. I had the best name. IGOTCHA.  I even took second place that year.  It was awesome.  Nothing like kicking some pansies guys butts, but alas, I have never been invited back to play since.  I ask about it each year and I am denied.  I get told that the league is full and that I should start my own league...or maybe that we will start a family league.  Never happens.  It just breaks my heart each year.  Maybe this is why I think football is to much?

Anyway...all I really have to do it sit in my room and read and I can make it to all the important plays when I hear the screaming!  These guys are crazy.  I guess that this is my lot in life.  Today when the Denver game started Kendall was watching and there must have been a great play because Kendall yelled out, "Beautiful". I said, you were talking about me right?  He looked confused for a second and then said "Absolutely".  At least he is smart, but I am pretty sure that he was talking about the pass play.

Anyway....I like football.  Go Denver!  Go Cougs!

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