Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Well this girl is on the move again. Transfer number 5.......she is experiencing all that the Peru Piura mission has to offer. I have some really bad news.......it is pretty terrible news infact..... Aushlynn forgot her camera in Paita! GASP!!!! I know!!! How are we ever going to survive without pictures. I am crying on both the inside and the outside! We will survive this trial...I don't know how but we will...wahh.. Sniff...anyway Hermana Thomas promised she would send her camera to the mission office...hopefully she gets it soon. She is only about 10 minutes by vehicle to the mission office. 

Here is what she has to say about her week!

 Hey Family! 

Well transfers have come and gone and I got TRANSFERRED!!! I am now in Capullanas! Its right on the outskirts of Piura! My new companion is Hermana Glunt! She is from Washington! A little about her is that... she is 24! She loves to work out and be healthy.. she loves to travel and has lived in like all the states including Hawaii! Mom she says that living in Hawaii is not all it’s cracked up to be so... just vacations there are the best! She is a very hard worker and she ends her mission with Hermana Thomas in December. There is a chance that I will end up killing her (missionary term for having a companion go home at the end of their mission J). So when I first got my assignment I was optimistic. I didn’t know much about this area.. okay nothing about this area but I guess elder Abbott use to be in this ward and said it was a really good ward. Then everyone started telling me that it was a dangerous area and that there are a lot of robberies and stuff like that so that kind of freaked me out. I will keep you up dated on that. Overall I am excited to serve these people here and it sounds like a really good baptizing area and that these people are really prepared. Also... I am starting to be a hoarder on the mission and I have so much stuff!! YIKES!!! It was hard getting everything to fit... oops. Also the room I am now living in is TINY!!! Also the bathroom is really scary. My life as a Peruvian princess ha ha.

So saying goodbye to my converts and the people of Paita was really hard for me. I have grown to have such a love for these people. I really have to stop getting so close to these people because it’s really tearing up my heart. I am not a fan of goodbyes. It was very bittersweet to leave Paita because I felt like I grew a lot there as a missionary and also as a person. My Spanish improved a whole lot, I had my first baptisms and I really gained a greater testimony of our savior Jesus Christ. Paita will always hold a special place in my heart! I had a couple dinners with members to say goodbye.
So this week we had General Conference! I thought all of the talks were so inspiring. If I were to sum up this conference I think they talked a lot about 3 really important things. First, PRAYER! Prayer is the communication that we have with our heavenly father. Through meaningful prayer we can be given the things we need and also be able to receive personal revelation. I can testify that god knows us and that he loves us and he really hears and answers our prayers! Second, The importance of the sacrament meeting. The spirit we feel when we are at sacrament meeting is unique and can only be felt there. When we take the time to ponder about our savior and the things he did for us while taking the sacrament we can truly have a more meaningful and spiritual experience partaking of the sacrament. And lastly, The plan of salvation! We are so privileged to be able to have this knowledge of this perfect plan. I know that through the atonement of Jesus Christ and his willingness to do the will of the father that we are able to live here on earth, gain a physical body, gain earthly experience and make and keep sacred covenants with him and return to live with him again. I will forever be grateful for my lord and savior Jesus Christ. This conference was a very spiritual experience for me and has given me so many new tools to become and even better missionary.

I am very excited and ready for this new transfer to start! I hope you all out there on the web are still reading my adventures in Peru! I love you all and pray for each of you every day! 

Hermana Brown

This is the best I can do for a picture.....I am hoping to see some pictures from Hermana Thomas's mommy!

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