Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Peruvian Adventures......

So...get ready for a picture overload......somebody has her camera and cable back! Yay!! Blessings!! This last week flew as usual. Fun fact...in 15 days this girlie will have been on her mission for a whole year! I can't hardly believe it has been that long! She sounds like she is doing awesome here is what she had to say this week.

Hola Familia

Okay... so this week I’m having a hard time thinking of what we did because seriously it feels like I was sitting at this exact computer yesterday thinking of what to write you guys last week ha ha. But for real the time passes by super fast when you’re on a mission and it is crazy. Fun fact... 69 days till Christmas! 69 days until I can see you all on skype! I know I’m probably more excited than you guys are!!  
So this week in the mornings we have been practicing a musical number for a multi zone conference that we will be having on Wednesday. So... it shouldn’t be this hard to pick a song and sing it right? Ha Ha... Ha Ha... wrong! We finally picked the song after 2 days and we are going to sing if the savior stood beside me in Spanish and English and I’ll be doing a duet with Elder Hosch! How did I get roped into doing a duet in front of a lot of people I don’t know.... our last practice will be tomorrow. I’m actually really nervous. Wish me luck! Keep me in your prayers. Also Hermana Glunt will be playing the piano and she is really nervous as well because she hasn’t played in forever... keep her in your prayers ha ha
This week we also taught seminary quite a few times! It’s cool because some of our investigators go to seminary and so it’s like one big lesson with a member! Also the youth in this ward are all so cute and have really strong testimonies! I’m learning new things every day from them I swear! It’s been really fun getting to know all of them! Also a lot of them companion with us which is super awesome!

I didn’t know how I was going feel going back to Piura because I really wanted to stay out of Piura for summer but whatever. It’s starting to get so hot here and I’m sweating through all my clothes every day! Yay me....

So Hermana Glunt and I have started a food chart our very first day of the transfer and it consists of all the food we get daily from members or people we teach that day ha ha. We count like 4 or 5 different things every night. The people are really nice and loving here and take good care of us! This week one of my favorite families asked if I wanted a cold coke and some chocolate.. ha ha you see why they are my favorite.

For p-day we went and got our toes done! It was much needed! My feet were GROSS! I even told the lady I was sorry before she even started! They look much better now. This was Hermana Glunts first experience with a Peruvian pedicure! She was pleased. We also bought some fabric to make some dresses. Okay a lot of fabric... we kind of went overboard. There is a woman here that will make the dresses for us if we buy the fabric. I’m going to have to start sending stuff home. When in Peru though... 

Well that is all from me this week! Happy to be here serving the lord and having these life changing experiences! I love you all.

Hermana Brown

Aushlynn and her companion Hermana Glunt
Dos Gringas
Crazy or eating lemonheads?? Toss up! I hope her face does not stick like that!
Oscar's baptism

Somebody calls me a hoarder...it is not me with the problem....I see she is going to be one of those girls with a fabric problem.
Peruvian Pedicure...I need to get mine done...
Jumping for joy
Stepping up her photo game....
Piggy backs......

Making fabric flowers.
Sandboarding with the zone.
I know...I look like a professional sandboarder!!!
Lunch on P-day...Sandboarding and Sandwiches...I see similarities.
Sandboarding crew.
The bus people....haha

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