Thursday, September 29, 2016

She got off easy!!!

Well...I think that this girl got off easy on the eggs for her birthday. I know she dishes out much whole eggs with the shells and flour. They were kind enough to Crack the eggs and beat them in a cup and then pour them on her.....most ran off her head...haha! I am so glad that this custom does not happen in the USA!! I bet she is super grateful that it is not birthday week over in Peru!

She had a great birthday and the members showed her a lot of love with meals and cakes. We had a little birthday celebration here for her to. We really need to work on the Happy Birthday song for family home evening or something because...well...we just are not very good at singing it together...but the cake was delicious!
Here is her letter for the week....
Hello Family,
Hey you guys! Wow this week went by super fast and I feel like a lot of things happened. Well first off I had my birthday and I am no longer in the teenager category. To be quite honest it doesn’t really feel any different. I had a good egg washing from my zone and from a couple members... it was awful. I also got my face smashed in 3 cakes! I am so glad the US doesn’t do that. There was so much egg in my hair and I had to shower like 4 times!! I feel bad for my laundry lady. I had a really nice day besides that! I got 3 birthday cakes and 3 dinners! It was a lot but somehow we managed to get through it. It was a birthday I’ll never forget that is for sure ha ha.
Also.. yes Presidente came with his wife and did room inspections and interviews. It’s also so nice to see them! Yes our room passed and Hermana Rasmussen even used our bathroom... we are the winners. I had a good talk with Presidente and his wife! I’m pretty sure that I will be leaving this next week! I have no idea where I will end up but I’ll go where ever the lord needs me. It will sure be an emotional goodbye because there is something so special in this branch and I love all these people so much!
We had intercambios(splits) with our Hermana leaders as well. It was a good day and almost every door we knocked they let us in and share a message. This was my tender mercy of the week. I usually get so stressed when we have intercambios because I don’t want us to just be knocking doors all day so it was a really good day! Today for pday we watched another movie and ate together for lunch. I seriously love everyone in this zone! I'm gonna miss Paita so much! 
This week was also general womens conference! A member in our ward lent us their laptop and we watched it in english. It was really good and really inspiring. They talked a lot about faith. Faith is such a huge part of our church. I loved the talk by Dieter Uchtdorf! He talked about how we need to have faith and endure to the end. That god knows each of us individually and that he knows all the desires of our hearts. Everything will all work out in the end no matter what the situation. It will all make sense to us in the end! It was really inspiring! 
Well that is pretty much all from me today! I love you all!
Hermana Brown
Omelet Brown....all those Elders there and not a one stepped up to rescue her.....haha!!!
One of the families that she celebrated her birthday with!
I am not sure what is on her face.....
Another family that she had a birthday celebration with!
I really feel sorry for the Elder who got egg on his hand......
It's all good....thanks for the love!
They are trying to use all the different face masks in Peru.
Watching Women's Conference in English.....Blessings!!!

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  1. Yep, she got off easy on the eggs! I'm sure she will be sad to leave Hermana Thomas and Piata! It's been a good place for her! That girl has been richly blessed on this mission of hers! I look forward to every post about her!