Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Madi was asked to Bingham's homecoming dance nine days before the dance. She was asked by a boy name Camden Brown. She told me he was tall and that people always asked her growing up if they we siblings. 

That weekend we made a trek to the Southtowne Mall to find her a dress. Can I just say that I do not enjoy shopping with this girl! I know.... I am a terrible mother! What kind of mom does not enjoy shopping with their daughter?? Well, Madi is the pickiest person ever!!! End of story! Nobody can top her it is that bad. We went to every single store in the mall that sell dresses and she tried on!!!...but that was only because I put my foot down and made her.  The one dress she liked in the mall was a XL and would never ever fit my skinny girl. I had them call around and check other locations. Of course the only store to have a small was in Spanish Fork......I was like go get in the though there was no way we could make it there before they closed... I was already done.....I agreed to go across the street to check out the strip mall and after 3 more stores....I made her go into Rue21 and we hit the Jackpot!!! We found a dress that she liked! It was nothing short of a miracle and to top off the miracle it was only $19.99! Woot...Woot! I did not have to go to Spanish Fork after all! Blessings! Below you will find a picture of her in the dress.

Camden picked Madi up a few minutes later for the day date....he had a pretty good excuse...he had dislocated his finger during the football game the night before....he is the left tackle for the Bingham football team...and he was at the dr.  I guess he is forgiven with an excuse like that! When he picked her up he took her golfing and then to Ikea to play hide and seek.

When it came time to get ready for the dance, I braided her hair about 15 times....I am getting better and my hands went numb peeps......she ended up taking it out and having Lindsy do it for her...story of my life folks!!! Anyway...she was ready!

I did not see Camden earlier when he picked her up because she just ran out to the car...The first time I saw him was at the door....she was right....he really is tall. I mean really really tall. He is a man child! He is just a jr and probably has some growing to do! Dyllon was like....she needs to ride this train all the way to the if any of Camden's genes could help Dyllon's future kids...haha!!!

Have fun at the dance Brownies!

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