Thursday, September 22, 2016

Look mom...I'm a grown up!! happened.....this girl turned the big is kind of a relief to only have one teenager left. I can't wait to hear her fate on the egg front....she deserved anything that she was given...she is part Peterson after all. We bought a Schmidt's cake.. Aushlynn's favorite....and sang Happy Birthday to her and then had some reason we should suffer without birthday cake just because she is in Peru...Right???!!

Anyway here is her letter for the week!

Hey Family! 
Well this week not too much happened here in Paita! Still pushing through these grueling summer days here in Paita! It’s starting to get really windy here and that means Hermana Thomas and I are pretty much blind now from how much sand we have got in our eyes. I just have to say that this transfer has been the fastest transfer in my whole mission and well I’m starting to feel like my days in Paita are winding down and I will be leaving shortly! We will see what the lord has in store for me!

This week we had the opportunity to do invasions! This is where all the missionaries in Paita go to one part and go out and find all the less active members! We did this in the zone leaders areas and the part by the beach! Well I felt like half the time I was just totally lost trying to find these people but we always somehow magically ended up at the right doorstep lol. That was a pretty long day but Hermana Thomas and I always have a good time and make the work fun! One of our investigators Angie is progressing really well and she has a baptism date set for the 30th. So we are really excited for her. Our other investigators need to really start progressing. We are hoping to do so much this week with them.

Well so you all know.... it’s my birthday week! Thanks to all who sent me birthday cards, emails, and videos! I seriously love you all. Thanks for all your support! Well... I’m sure you have all heard but in Peru it’s a tradition to break eggs all over your head and throw flour all over you... lets just say I have never not wanted my birthday to come until this year ha ha... if you guys can remember for Hermana Thomas birthday we cracked 40 eggs on her head.. now she is my comp... over my birthday... why president why... she has a lot of things planned with the members in our ward... yay... ha ha ill make sure to send picture! 

This next week is also interviews with the Presidente and they are doing apartment inspections. We are going to have the cleanest apartment in the mission. For P-day we went to the market where a traveling group of merchants came into town. They sell Peruvian alpaca goods. I bought some beanies, a poncho, and a backpack. Everything is amazingly soft!

Well, I can’t believe my years of being a teenage punk are over! Here is to my 20s! 


Hermana Brown

The streets of Piata.
Translation......Live Happy
A view of the ocean
Aush and her companion
This looks like a pretty yummy meal....
I think that her brown hair looks awesome. In fact there is a story......they tried to dye the top brown hair blonde....And it didn't work so well...they then decided to go with a overall brighter blonde which turned her hair grey!!! Haha...they then went with a nice brown...oh my goodness...what a hairy adventure...reminds me of when Pam turned my hair maroon...ahh...memories!
Happy Birthday Aush.....a member sent me the pictures!
On her 20th birthday!
What cute kids...thanks for making her birthday awesome!

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