Saturday, September 17, 2016

My hair now matches my name!!!

I know....I am terrible at this posting the letter lately. I don't know what is up with me. So sorry! Anyway.....this girls teenage years are rapidly coming to a close.  The last few minutes of being a teenager are like sands through the hour glass. 4 days until her 20th birthday! I can't believe I am celebrating one of my kids 20th birthday again without them. I am 3 for 3!  I am gonna bake a cake....ok....lets get real.....I will probably buy one from Schmidt's.....and blow out the candles for her an eat it! Just because she is gone is no reason we should go with out cake!
Here is her letter for the week:
Hey family! 
So like I blinked and this week was over like I don’t even know where the week went to be honest. Everything was good with Hermana Thomas and I this week! We had water all 7 days and it actually wasn’t to hot this week! It was like a nice fall weather week! We were able to visit our investigators this week but the work right now is not going so hot. We are kinda in a little rut. Our investigators are just not progressing like we want them too. It frustrating but we have high hopes for this week. 
So a major change took place in my life and well….. I have mixed feelings about it. I dyed all my hair brown and yes I regret it... its fine I’ll just dye it back blonde when I get home. 
Also… today for p-day we just played soccer on the beach like usual. Don’t even worry I’ll be starting up my own soccer training camp when I get home! I think I’m actually good enough to make a Marv Jensen team now!! 
We had an activity with the tree of life with our branch. So pretty much like 15 people showed up and I got really mad because we had been planning this for weeks and half of the leaders didn’t even show up... the branch prez didn’t even show. Ugh. 
So this month we were assigned by president to fast once a week for a month! Now I don’t know why but on the mission it is so much harder to fast haha... anyways we had a really spiritual fast as a companionship. We really were able to see blessings from this fast and receive revelation for our area and our district.
Well not much else took place this week. Still here livin the life in pita! Still partying with Hermana Thomas every day and having the time of my life! I love you guys and pray for you guys!! 
Hermana Brown

P-day soccer
Hair dying regrets! Her hair now matches her last name!
Just a little Titanic for your enjoyment!

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