Wednesday, June 22, 2016

If it so be that you should labor all your days and bring but one soul unto me...

And if it so be that you should labor......all your days........and bring but one soul unto great shall be your joy with him, in the kingdom of our Father! Aushlynn is coming off her best week in the mission yet!  She had her first baptism! She participated in a service project translating for a group from Park City Utah that brought a eyeglass clinic and she participated in the Piura Vida Cup.  All good times!
Hey guys!
This week was fantastic! We have been working super hard the last 3 weeks here in Paita! Yes the baptism with Hermana Katy was so awesome! She was really nervous but she did awesome! She gave her testimony after and it was super spiritual. I also got to sing a solo I like to look for rainbows for her! She is thinking about serving a mission! She is a super strong convert! We have another baptism this Saturday! His name is Jhoner! He is 13 years old! Hermana Ramos said that he has been hesitant to accept a date for baptism and once I got here he gained a lot of confidence from our teaching and accepted when I asked! It was awesome! The work here in Paita progressing a lot. We have baptism dates for like the next 3 weeks. We are working hard to have a white out. A white out is where each of the companionships in our zone have a baptism on the same day. It will take place on my 9th of July!
We were able to teach a lot of people this week. We have found 3 new people to teach. One of them came to church with us with her two kids. She is super awesome! Also we found a lady to teach that owns a bakery. I’m going to get so fat here.... everyone just gives us fresh bread everywhere we go... it’s a problem. We are continuing to teach the people we had before but not a lot of progression. We are teaching a girl named Cynthia and her two kids that could be baptized but we weren’t able to get in contact with them this week :( Hoping to see her a lot next week!
This week I had the opportunity to go translate for an organization from Utah! They were here to give away glasses to people who couldn’t see. They are mostly from park city. They didn’t speak Spanish so we translated for them! It was a really cool experience! People who could barely see had sight now and all the little kids that had hard time seeing were so grateful! 
For Fathers Day we had dinner with our branch president’s family. They served us tiger blood soup. It’s supposedly tigers blood with lots of lemon and fish. Let’s just say I wasn’t a fan. Ha Ha.
So we had the Piura Vida Soccer cup today! It was awesome to see most of the people from the mission! I got to see all of my old companions. Our zone lost one game and won one game and so we are still in the running! We play again next Monday! I got to see Elder Hill! It was good to see him ha ha! He is still same old Elder Hill. He is just skinnier now like Evan! 
We have interviews with Presidente tomorrow! I am super excited! I always love having interviews with Presidente! It’s like I am getting advice from dad! Also he always gives really good advice and new ideas we can try to better our work! 
Well that’s pretty much all from this week! I have pictures coming I promise!!! 
Hermana Brown
Hermana Brown, Hermana Katy and Hermana Ramos
Awesome Baptism!
Beach Pic....the water is freezing cold......just like San Francisco!
The people on the bus!!!!
The group of missionaries that translated for the eye clinic.
Service project with the group from Park City Utah
Aushlynn and President Rasmussen at the Piura Vida Cup.
Aushlynn and Carson.....the first time they met up on the mission. Only took eight months!
Some of the sisters on Team Paita. 
The missionaries at the Puira Vida Cup!
Team Paita
I am calling the 3 of them the Jordanites!  Elder Osmond and Hermana Brown are from South Jordan.  Elder Hill is from West Jordan. I think that it is a fitting name!
Her zone on pday!

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