Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Well another week has come and gone.  They are flying by! Today we hit day 227 ...not that I am counting or anything.  Fun fact....I did the math.....with the exception of one week.....I have spent the last 202 Mondays waiting for an email from one of my missionaries.....only 46 more Mondays to go!!!  Haha....Oye....I think I might have issues. was good to hear from our favorite missionary.  Good things are happening for her, I will let you hear it from her!
 Hola Padres!!
Well I feel like a ton of things happened this week but I am having a mind blank! Hopefully I will be able to write everything that happened! 
First things first! WE HAVE A BAPTISM ON SATURDAY!!!! WOOOO. She passed her baptism interview on Saturday and is all ready to go. Honestly she is an investigator of gold. She was so prepared to hear our words and change her whole life! She doesn’t have the support of her family which is sad but she wants to serve a mission! She is 18 and her name is Katrina! We are super excited for her! Also we have 20 people with baptism dates! We have a few for the 25th so we are hoping they keep progressing!!
This week I had the most lessons I have ever had in one week! We literally have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off. We have had lessons like every 30 minutes! By the end of the day I was like let’s get this planning session and the area book done so I can lay dead in my bed. It honestly felt like I closed my eyes for 4 minutes and then the phone alarm would go off. I am so exhausted! The only time we couldn’t teach someone is when Peru is playing soccer  in the Copa America cup. No one will give you the time of day or answer their door because they are all watching haha.
So on the 4th of July we are having the Piura Vida cup! It’s a soccer tournament for all the zones! We are making jerseys and everything :) Now our zone leaders are making us practice at 6 every morning haha! If I didn't already not get enough sleep! This will take place the last 2 p- days of the transfer!
Today we went to a beach called the gramma! Wow I missed the beach! It was a super cool beach with tons of rocks you could climb on! We went with our district and some other people from another district!  Ha ha one Elder went super far out on the rocks and I told him don’t go out there you are going to get soaked... yeah elders don’t like to be told what to do by the sisters... so I just watched him walk out on the rocks and like 10 seconds later BOOM!!! He got hit and went down! He ripped up his legs pretty bad.. lost his 110 dollar ray bans and his phone is broken. Hahaha... this is a lesson for all you elders out there.... listen to the sisters.
Well I hope all is well with you guys! I am loving every minute I have in Peru! It’s just flying by and I am trying to soak up every minute of it! 
Hermana Brown
Since she can't hold babies on her mission....she settles for the next best thing....PUPPIES! She has never met a dog that she hasn't tried to be friends with.
Hermana Brown and Hermana Rasmussen in Catacaous.
Her zone in Paita. She is the only gringa.
She finally mad it back to the beach.  Looks like she is suffering with the scenery.
Rocky beach.....must be what they call the Gramma
Aushlynn and her district when they "found" the Mission President and his wife at the market place.
Lunch with President and Sister Rasmussen and district. Lucky bumping into them!
A little marketplace shopping on P-day.
Hermana Brown and her companion Hermana Ramos. 
Her district in Paita....all that she can say about this photo is WOW!  I say gotta have fun and laugh every once in a while!

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