Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hi My Lovelys

This week it is kinda rough. No new photos from Aushlynn so I thought that I would put one up of her and her best friend! They used to sleep together every night and poor Buddy has had such a hard time adjusting to her being gone.  For the first few months he would scratch at her door looking for her. He is going to be 16 this July, I hope that he is still around when she gets back.  Good news! Since the weather has turned warmer we have seen more zip to his zippadeedoda, so I think that we are in good shape.

Oh yeah, also if you are wanting to send her a letter I an sending her package on the 20th, so if you can get it to me by then that would be fantastic!  Remember she wants letters and pictures.  You can also email the letter and pictures to me and I can print them out.  She wants the pictures for her picture wall! kmdaam@msn.com

Here is what Hermana Brown has to say this week.

Hi My Lovelys!Well this week seemed to just fly by.... I feel like it was just Monday! Not that I am complaining or anything. This week I feel like not much happened just kinda the whole walking in the burning sun and knocking doors thing ha ha... I had some really good experiences this week though!
Well.... my last hope to have a baptism this transfer fell through this week.. :( OH Bummmmmmer. We have been teaching her for a long time even with Hermana Martinez and well she moved to Tumbes this last week and so the sisters in Tumbes picked up where we left off and she got Baptized. I just feel like I have the worst luck with those things called baptisms. Oh well I have come to realize that’s not the most important thing on a mission. As long as you are diligent and continue to preach the word of god to as many people as you can that he will be pleased with your work and service.
Yes elections were this week! It was seriously the longest days ever! In our area it’s very normal to have all of our lessons fall and so yes we didn’t teach a single lesson those two days :) We just studied our scriptures and visited members. I think I was going a little crazy just sitting in our room all day. So I heard today that there was a tie in the votes!!! So they are holding another vote on June 5th..... I’m not to thrilled about this and I’m sure Presidente isn’t either ha ha... 
So the inevitable has happened.... yes I am sick. Not throw up sick or even troubles in the bathroom. I have this nasty cough! I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now and it is just getting worse! Anyways... poor Silva family has to hear my coughing all night long and throughout the day! :( Hermana Ana is so good to me that she has given me a couple remedies to try.... Peruvian Remedies I might add... she first gave me this bottle and told me to take 3 spoonfuls a day. It consisted of honey, onion, garlic, and radish. It smelled so rancid!! I about threw up just smelling it. I took that for about 3 days but it didn’t seem to be working so why keep taking it lol.... then she gave me this drink that consisted of honey, lemon and ginger! That also tasted bad... it kind of just burned my throat. Well here I am still living with this cough... hopefully I can get over it really fast.
Anyways this is the last week of the transfers and well I think I will be leaving. Although I am not sure I have been preparing myself to say goodbye to the people here. They are so awesome! I have learned a lot of things from the members here. Especially the Silva family. They are lifelong friends. I hope to stay in contact with their family. They have helped me through a lot of trials here on the mission and have the strongest testimonies and so much faith. I hope one day I can be as strong in the church as them!
As reflecting back on this transfer I feel like I have learned a lot of things but most of all I have noticed that a mission isn’t just about the people you are serving but also its about my progression as a member of this church. I have done some many things I never thought I could do. I have noticed that my weaknesses are becoming my strengths, and my trials are becoming my triumphs! These are just one of the few fruits of living this gospel! I am so grateful that I get to pin his name to my shirt every day and say to people that I am a representative of Jesus Christ. I hope I can continue to grow my testimony and grow my faith throughout this crazy journey! 
I hope all is well back home and I am praying for everyone back home! I know through the plan of salvation that we are able to see loved ones again and that they are all rooting us on in heaven! :)
Hermana Brown

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