Tuesday, April 19, 2016

On To A New Adventure....Chulucanas

Did this past week just fly by or what?  I am getting pretty good at this Missionary Mom thing.....it has only taken me about three years and ten months....but I am getting better. I know...right???  This week was kinda scary.  You have heard about the earthquake in Ecuador...right??? Of course you have, well it was about 450 miles away from where my daughter was serving.  I'm not gonna lie, it gave me some anxiety.  It was a little to close for my comfort. I pray for her safety and for the safety of all the missionaries.  I especially pray for the people of Ecuador...bless their hearts! Such tragedy.
Well, this week Hermana Brown is on the move.  She has been transferred to a new area.  It was so very difficult for her to leave.  She loved her companion, her area and the members.  She is especially sad to be leaving the Silva family. But....she is excited for a new adventure...Also, it is said that in her new area the Butterflies are massive...she is scared out of her mind! This girl has been scared of butterflies since she was little....haha....who raised this girl anyway??  She is a weirdo! Anyway, here is what she has to say this week!
Hey Mommy and Daddy!! 
So yes I got transferred and it was a pretty emotional goodbye! I loved that ward that I was in and well I know I complained so much about how hard the area was but I am sure going to miss it. The hardest goodbye was definitely the Silva family. Ahh.. I cried for like an hour! She even made me lasagna for my last meal! She is the absolute best! I am really going to miss her. I hope you guys stay in contact with her and she gave me her email to write her! I also had to say goodbye to Hermana Xmenia :( she seriously is amazing! The good news is her mothers parents live in my area that I got assigned to so hopefully I will still see her a few times!!
Okay yes I got transferred to......... Chulucanas!! My new companion is Hermana Llontop! She is super sweet but does not speak a lick of English! That’s okay though because I am hoping to learn more Espanol anyways! She has been out almost a year. She is from Chicalayo Peru.  I love her already! Anyway Chulucanas is way different then Piura! It’s about an hour or so east of Piura. It's close to the mountains. I can't wait for some hikes in the mountain's and to the waterfalls on p-day. Hermana Martinez, my trainer is my sister leader so I will get to go on exchanges with her! Sweet! Also, Elder Osmond is in my zone. Pretty cool to serve with someone from South Jordan! I actually love it here from what I have seen already! I know I am going to love it here. It’s a branch, so a lot less members than Piura but that just means a lot more opportunities to baptize!! There are 8 dates for baptism here already! Our area is also GIGANTIC!! I am so excited to see what this area has in store! Also our room isn’t that bad and doesn’t have bugs! I am really happy! Everyone has told me that it is hotter in this area too....Hermano Silva said that the butterfly's here are 3 times the size of butterfly's in Piura but he just likes to scare me.. I am actually scared about the butterfly's! I also have a part in my area called Morrapon! It is a mountain area! I am so stoked about that!! We go with the Elders once a week!! 
I heard about the earthquake in Ecuador. I will be praying for those people. I didn’t feel anything from it though some said the aftershocks would reach us, but they haven’t. I finally went into the clinic in Piura for my cough. I was diagnosed with Bronchitis and have some medicine that I am taking for it.
Something that I learned last week is that we are stronger than we think we are. We can do more things than we think we can. We are capable of doing the impossible with the help of the lord. I know that through prayer and fasting we are able to receive revelation. I know I could not be doing what I have been doing like learning a new language.. getting use to a new country... without the help of the lord every step of the way. I am so grateful for the atonement we have to use whenever we need it. I am grateful for this church and its members throughout the world. I noticed in this last week sacrament that we are all one big LDS family and that just because we speak different languages or live a different way we are all sons and daughters of god! I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! 
Well I know its not a lot this week but I have a lot of pictures to send! I hope all is well back home! I pray for you all daily!
Remember to do your family history :))
Hermana Brown
Hermana Brown and her new companion Hermana Llontop. Please don't ask me how to say her name, I have not a clue. I am waiting for autocorrect to give her a new nickname for me! haha! But, there is hope that I can say it correctly someday soon because she calls home for Mother's Day in just 18 days! Woot! Woot!
Aushlynn's new kitchen.  She says in this area she has no pensionista and she will be cooking for herself. She is quite happy about this arrangement. She also says that she needs some Flaming Hot Cheetos, Nutella and Kit Kats.
Her room. The pictures wall is not up yet but will be soon.  Remember, if you want to make her wall, we are a sending a package this week and you can still send your photo and a letter.
Xmenia, Aushlynn and Xmenia's mom and baby sister.
Pday last week. We all shoved into this taxi that was about to break down!
Hermana Sandison and Hermana Brown....she is going to miss her so so much!
Hermana's in her zone with a few Elder photobombs!
Aushlynn and her package that Hermano Silva delivered to her!  I think that she really liked the letters! (and the candy it looks like she is counting and dividing it like she used to do to her Halloween candy)
This is her new bag.  It looks amazing! Her old purse the "strap broke".  Now if this was my option for a new bag, I would have broke the strap on purpose. Right...whose with me??? What a awesome souvenir for her to bring back when she returns home.
Who ever made this bag for her did an amazing job! Look at all the detail!
Aushlynn and the Silva Family.  Umm....go Cougs! I knew I liked these people!
Looks like somebody can't hold still for the camera....haha!
Hermana Brown and Hermana Sandbox, I mean Sandison at the Silva's saying good-bye. But more like see you later I am sure.
Aushlynn and her companion again. I like the Peruvian dress by the way...this is one that we did not send. I am sure that she had it made.

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