Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Watching Conference on this Beauty!

Well, it's that time of the week again. Time for the weekly update on Hermana Brown and her adventures in Peru. This week was kinda exciting!  We got to meet Edgar Silva!  We were so blessed!  He is the wonderful man that that has been called to be a Mission President in another Peru mission starting in July.  Anyway he flew to SLC this week and brought a package to us from Aushlynn. I have learned one thing in meeting him.....My Spanish is very bad.....it is pretty much English with my own twist of a accent. OYE...I am never gonna learn that language.  They talk so very fast.  I defiantly do not have the gift of tongues.  Haha. The missionaries who go over there and have to learn the language..... well it is nothing short of a miracle! Anyway, Presidente Silva was kind enough to take packages back to both Hermana Brown and Hermana Sandison! Blessings for sure!

Here is what Hermana Brown had to say this week!

Hola Mis Padres!!!
Wow this week was a wild one! Ha Ha I’m in Peru.... I feel like a ton of things happened this week but I just got back from the beach and I am exhausted!! Hopefully I can tell you all the highlights. 
Yes it was conference this weekend! I thought all the talks were extremely powerful and very inspired. Yes I got to watch the first 3 sessions in English and we had investigators come with us for the last so we watched in Spanish. I thought that the main topics of the conference was the atonement and the importance of temples. Oh my gosh the whole church was cheering and hugging each other when they announced the new temple that is to be built in Lima!!! It was so awesome to see these faithful church goers in Peru get another great blessing! I loved all the talks that were given! I feel like now that I’m out here on a mission that all the principles and things that were taught I can use more in my teachings and just affected me more.
This week we had interviews with the president! Also we got to talk one on one with Hermana Rasmussen! Honestly I love them so much. I am so glad they are my mission presidents! They both have such good advice and just give you that pump up you need to keep going. Also president gave us this talk to read that’s called Why the Church by D Todd Christofferson! I highly recommend it. It makes some very good points that all members should be made aware of and it has helped me realize that the LDS community is one big family all helping each other get to the end. Also in the church is where we are able to learn and feed off each others testimonies. 
So Hermana Sandison and I had a very spiritual companionship study this week! So these past few weeks I have just been complaining about my area and how hard it is and thinking why was I sent here... who am I  helping? I’m just knocking doors all day... like I just didn’t know what I was supposed to be learning from this area! Well after this talk that we had I finally pinpointed why I was in this area! I needed to be humbled. This area is the closest thing to a States mission here in Piura. Daily I get spit on, doors slammed in my face, rejection after rejection... and I saw my attitude getting worse and worse about this area. I describe this area as being not the most humble but the most humbling. I’ve realized that I needed to be here to be humbled and really have to rely on the lord and the spirit. Some nights that’s literally all I had here and in the end that’s all anyone has. I’ve learned that no matter what trials he throws at us, it’s only making us a stronger person and also we need to think what is he trying to teach me. 
This P-day we went to the beach in Paita as a zone! It was fun. We played soccer like usual and I also fished ha ha. One elder had all the stuff to fish so we fished. We didn’t catch anything but that’s usually my luck. My neck is absolutely fried but I did really well at applying sunscreen everywhere else. Yay me! 
Okay another thing here that I have learned is I am scared of all bugs.... small, large, gigantic... I can’t do it. The bugs here are a whole new level... huge moths... flying beetle bugs... giant flying crickets!! Pray for me...
Anyway that’s pretty much all... I think. Hope all is well back home! :) Remember to write me a letter and send me pictures :)
Hermana Brown
The beautiful TV that we viewed conference on!
Hermana Sandison and Hermana Brown.  Funny story, every time I email Aushlynn and type her companions name my autocorrect changes it to Sandbox.  Problem is I do my best proofreading after I send something. Haha! They must have a good laugh each time I mention her name!
The Trio of Ingram, Brown and Sandybum! My Besties!
Just the Beach...I wish I was at a beach!
The Hermana's in the Paita Zone!
P-Day with the Paita Zone at the Beach!

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