Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fill her up...... Peruvian style

We were able to hear from this cute girl again today. It's always a good day when that happens. No pictures again today, so I though I would grace you with a picture of her in her Broncos gear in honor of her favorite team having the top seed in the playoffs. GO BRONCOS!!!

Mi Papito y Mamita!
Yo estoy embarazada con comida bebe porque todos miembros en mi barrio me dan mucha comida!!! In translation.... I’m am pregnant with a food baby because all the members in my ward give me a lot of food!! Haha but for real this past Sunday we ate at a members house and they served us rice and shrimp and it was a lot but I finished it... then they brought out peaches... (not a big fan but ate them anyways ). By now I am so so so full. Oh but wait... a heaping 3 scoops of ice cream. Here in Peru if they give you ice cream that means they love you..... yikes!!! I seriously walked out of there walking like a 9 month pregnant lady.

This past week was full of ups and downs! So none of our investigators are getting baptized now. One of them is just done hearing the missionaries and didn’t want to meet with us anymore. The other one just told us she is leaving for Piura for a month! So frustrating. This week we have been teaching a family of two young parents and they have one baby. They are really interested in the church and ask a lot of questions. She was able to attend to church with us and her baby but the husband had to work. She said she had a very good experience so yay!

We had a lot of lessons this week but not very many with members because yep...... we still don’t have a phone!!! Gah its killing us! We walk so much more now because we have no way to confirm appointments so half the time we walk all the way there and they aren’t even home. It’s hard but we are keeping on. We have another family we are teaching and they are young as well with 2 little boys. Hoping to see them progress a lot this week.

On Sunday I had a total melt down because I was feeling like an inadequate missionary. I thought that the hardest thing was going to be adjusting to the food and living situation and things like that and boy was I wrong. I have adjusted very well in that department. I find myself struggling to communicate my feelings. It’s so frustrating when there is so much I could say and so much I could share with them but I can’t seem to find the words in Spanish. The language is the only thing holding me back. I know the language comes with time and my trainer said I am picking up the language faster than most but I still feel so inadequate. I am constantly on my knees and the lord gives me comfort and hope.

This transfer I have learned that I need to be patient and that the lord has a plan for all of us and that if I just keep working hard that in no time I will be able to say what I want and be the powerful missionary I know I can be!

Today we went to Rigga Playa for p day with my district and the sisters from Tumbes! It was fun and scary lol. We took a truck and we all just piled in the back with fold up chairs and drove in the jungle and everyone was falling on each other and the car was seriously about to just die because the weight of everything lol.

Anyways this next week we have interviews with the president. I am also teaching an English class tomorrow to all of the Spanish missionaries oh... and we go to Piura on Thursday because it’s my 5th week of training and everyone meets and gets a check up on where they are with training. Since we are 6 hours away we leave on Thursday and stay a night in the mission home!! Yay hot water.... Seriously a blessing. Big things this next week! Hope all is well back home and it’s not too cold because seriously if I could share some of the heat here I would. It’s like 105 everyday!

 Love Hermana Brown

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