Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hello Piura

Big changes this week.  I will let Aushlynn tell you. Here is her letter:
Mommy Daddy!!!!
Well this week was full of surprises.... I have been stressing all week long about moving areas... and maybe moving trainers. The week went on as normal but the zone leaders called us and said for sure the area was going to be closed and that we had to move all of our things to Corrales. So on Saturday we moved all of our things to Corrales. Gahh it was such a hassle moving everything.
The sisters that will be in Corrales will be in the apartment that the elders used to have and the elders have a new apartment. Let’s just say that the room is a hole in the ground.... there isn’t even a door to the bathroom just a see through curtain lol. We had to spend Saturday night and Sunday night there... man was it awful because the first night there was a fiesta till 3 am and at 4 am the roosters started to crow and didn’t shut up oh my gosh the humanity. I didn’t sleep a wink.
The next day we found out what the transfers were.... DRUM ROLL!!!!!! IM IN PIURA WITH HERMANA MARTINEZ!!!! Oh my gosh!!! I’m in the area where the Presidente lives and we are in his ward now!!! I am seriously so relieved. I don’t think I could have done Corrales. I’m so glad I’m still with Hermana Martinez as well. Piura is very different from La Cruz because there are tons of people but I think I’ll like it. The area that I am in is a new area that they opened up for the sisters.
Sunday was very emotional and I didn’t like it at all. The only good thing was we had 7 investigators attend church!!! It was amazing! Seriously leaving everyone was so hard... I am such a baby. I got everyone’s information though so... I think I’ll be okay. Sunday night I didn’t sleep because we had to organize everything for the new sisters that will be staying in Corrales and we had to be at the bus station at 6 a.m. with all of our things so we had to get up at like 4:30 a.m.. We took a van into Piura because it is faster and let me tell you... it’s like driving to St. George from our house and every 10 seconds flying over that bump we always try to jump by Merit Medical hahahaha so horrible!! (The Merit Medical jump is if you cross redwood road at 9800 south and you go fast enough when the light is green, you can actually feel like your car is jumping and you fly out of your seat.  We found this thrill ride quite by accident shortly after we moved to South Jordan. Whenever we drive by this area, you will find use trying to time the light just right so we can catch air...haha.  You know that you are gonna try it!  You must be driving westbound. haha).
We got to our area and the Assistantes showed us where our apartment was and showed us where our pensionista lives. Now our pensionista lives like an hour away its whatever...... haha no seriously forever away. We have to cross like 3 zones to get there. Our district is the Assitantes and the office. Yeah rolling with the big dogs! My spanish better shape up lol.
Get this for lunch I had.... BURGER KING!!! CHICKEN FRIES!!! MOM CHICKEN FRIES!!!! I cried for reals.... There is actual stores here and restaurants. I saw more missionaries today than I have my whole mission lol. I haven’t caught up with Carson yet but I am hoping to soon cause his area is close by. Our apt is small and really hot, but it will do! The water isn’t that cold either. I haven’t received my package but our area is the office so I can just go grab it after I email and whenever something comes to me I’ll know and get it that day haha #blessed!
Well that was pretty much my crazy week. I am running on like zero sleep so hopefully I can catch some tonight! Love you all and hope all is well back home! Chau!
Hermana brown
I am both sad and happy for Hermana Brown.  Sad that she had to leave a area that she has grow to love.  Happy that she gets to stay in a companionship with Hermana Martinez.  Happy that she got to eat Chicken Fries....she loves those things.  Sad that she had to say good-bye to so many good people.  Happy that she will get to meet many new good people. I am most of all happy that she gets to share the gospel

Hermana Brown and Hermana Martinez on the last day in La Cruz.
Hermana Brown and Hermana Martinez with some members in La Cruz.
Elder Culacas selfie. He served with Aushlynn in La Cruz.  He helped her with the Spanish and she helped him with English.
Hermana Brown and her companion with the some of the primary kids.
Aushlynn ate lunch everyday with Melani, her Pensionista daughter.
Aushlynn and her baby Wilford. She was so sad to leave him.
Hermana Martinez, Hermana Brown, Elder Culaca and Elder Weight. Elder Weight is from Centerville Utah and talked Jazz basketball with her. Its the small things....comforts of home.  I hate to tell them both, but the Jazz are very very disappointing this year...they just break your heart every year!
Aushlynn hanging around her Pensionista's house.
Hermana Martinez, Hermana Brown and some investigators.
Aushlynn and the Primary of La Cruz.......she is a Babe magnet.  She is going to miss those kids.
Hermana Brown with a friend.  She loves kids, it does not surprise me to see her with so many kids in her pictures.
I an not sure who we are looking at.  Special people of La Cruz, that I am sure of.
Aushlynn's first zone.


  1. I'm always excited to see her posts and see how she is doing. The adventure continues in Piura, maybe she will get some mail from us now! Hope so!

  2. Can we send mail now? It's so much fun reading these! What an adventure!