Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Adios LA Cruz

It was super good to hear from Aushlynn yesterday.  She is doing well, she had a very busy week.  We were excited to get lots of pictures this week to share with you. She was excited that when the Mission President came for interviews he brought a new phone. She tells us it makes missionary work so much easier being able to confirm appointments. Anyways, here is her letter.

Mommy y Daddy! 

Well like I said last week I had a crazy next week and I wasn’t lying lol. We first had intercambios(splits) with the other sisters that are in Tumbes. Sister McRae and I were in La Cruz and Hermana Pacheco and Hermana Martinez were in Tumbes. We all met up on Wednesday and they left to Tumbes and we went to work in La Cruz and then Hermana McRae stayed the night and we met back up in Tumbes the next day with the others. I learned a lot with Hermana McRae and I also learned that I know my area better than I thought.

Hermana McRae mentioned that Presidente was going to be making big changes in the north part of Peru like closing areas and making new ones. That scared me a little because I love La Cruz and I love my companion and I don’t want to change anything. I feel like I am just getting the hang of things here and all the people already have such a special place in my heart.

Anyways we also had interviews with Presidente in Tumbes this week. It was really good to see him and his wife! I feel like I can really talk to Presidente and express my feelings which I was relieved. He also brought us a new phone YEAH! On Thursday we left for Piura and we stayed the night at the mission home! The bus ride was really long but I didn’t get sick thank goodness! Everyone said that there wasn’t hot water in the mission home which I was super bummed about but they said there was air conditioning so at least there is that! Well when I got there to shower...... HOT WATER!!!! I literally stood in there for 30 minutes! (Presidente if you are reading this sorry for wasting water) I have never felt so clean!! Then we got to sleep with air conditioning! Best sleep I had gotten so far here on my mission and I didn’t have to worry about bugs!! Wow I was so pampered.

I got to see Hermana Pay and the others that I had came in with and it was good to see new faces! We had lasagna as well.... that was new! It was really good. After that we went back to La Cruz but we took a van because it saves us 2 hours! The ride was really bumpy because they took dirt roads because they didn’t want to pay toll roads lol.

We got a call that next day and they said that they are closing La Cruz area for the sisters and that me and Hermana will be moving to Corrales! Just so you guys know it’s the place where its known to get DENGUE! So pretty much I have cried every night since because I just love everything about La Cruz. The people... the ward... the food.... my Pensionista... ;(all my investigators that are progressing..... It’s been really hard and also Hermana Martinez and I don’t know if we will be staying together... It’s been a tough couple days but we are making the best of our last week!

We went to Punta Sal today with the Bishop and our Elders! It was so fun. We played soccer on the beach and ate some really good food. Here in Peru you just wait on the side of the road until a car comes a long and you just tell them where your going and get in. We had five people with us so it was kind of crammed. The driver turned around and said oh we have a gringo in the car then he turned his music up and played the English song Hot Stuff. I could not stop laughing.

I also have learned that the Piura mission is really two different missions! When I am in Piura there are malls and actual grocery stores and fast food places. In the north where I am at, there is nothing but side shacks to buy everything. I am glad that I am here in the north because I feel like I am getting the true Peruvian experience.

Well we have a full next week with the members of our ward doing visits and cleaning the chapel. Anyways I will keep you updated on what happens next week or so! 


Hermana brown

I love this girls selfies.  Hermana Brown looking tan! This reminds me of how much I miss Summer!
Aushlynn's New Year's eve kiss.  In Peru it is tradition to make these and burn for the new year.
Aushlynn has had the most terrible habit of biting her fingernails, she has done this since she was little.  I challenged her before she left to try and overcome the addiction.  She is so proud of her nails.  They have a long way to go, but they are no longer bitten down to the quick.  I rewarded her with sending her some nail polish to paint those bad boys! haha
Last week all the missionaries piled into the back of this truck to go to there pday activity.  Looks super safe if I do say so myself.  She said that they were falling all over each other.  Haha, oh my what would happen if you were pulled over in the United States in this ride.
Hermana Martinez and Hermana Brown....is that a Seahawks shirt that her companion is wearing??? Oh NO!
Hermana Brown over looking the river.  Funny story....see the shorts that she is wearing.  Well, Avery borrowed them from the lost and found his senior year when he forgot his wrestling shorts.  Avery wore them until he left for his mission and then Aushlynn started wearing them.  I guess that she liked them so much she took them on her mission.  They have Mitch Barnes name in them........so THANKS! Mitch Barnes....hope you don't miss your shorts to much....they are getting good use! haha
Hermana Brown and Hermana Martinez in Piura
Hermana Brown and Hermana Rasmussen after her interview with the Presidente.
One more selfie of Aushlynn....not sure how long her blonde hair is going to hold out....her roots are showing!
Beach....once again I miss summer.......and I miss Hawaii too!!!!!!...........Sigh...
Aushlynn says that this is the biggest glass bottle of coke that she has ever seen.  It cost her 2.50 soles.....so about 75 cents US money.  Kendall is so jealous!

Pday with the Elders and her Companion.  Not sure the names of the Elders.

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  1. First transfer, that is a mission for you, you just get to love where you are and you get transferred!