Saturday, October 31, 2015

Breakaway Falls

Man...I am having really bad anxiety. I kind of feel like I did when my family made me ride Ihus Breakaway Falls last year at SeaWorld. It was bad. First of all, I had to climb 126 steps...slowly behind a 1000 people. It was like walking to my death. I had to stand on each step and look down as my assent got higher and higher. During the whole assent, I had to listen to everyone tell me how scary the free fall I did not know it was scary. I tried to bail several times....other people were bailing left and right.......but my family would not let me. My palms were sweaty.....My heart was racing a million miles an hour. I felt that I could puke at anytime......It was awful. Once we had made it to the top of the tower we were 80 feet in the air. It was a terrible idea. I had to pick my color of tube. I choose green....its my favorite color.....definitely not my favorite side though. I did not want to do it. I was subject to all kinds of peer pressure from my family and I finally just did it. They watched me as I entered my death tube and laughed. I had to stand in a tube and cross my legs...I suppose this was so I did not pee my swimsuit...haha.......and I had to keep my arms crossed to....for good measure I kept my eyes glued shut so I could not see what was happening. It seemed like an eternity that I was waiting to fall. All sorts of butterflies in stomach.....Ugh the wait was pure torture.

It finally happened and I screamed the whole way down........a forty foot vertical drop and then I had to ride a slide going mock 7 for who knows how many feet. It lasted for like 7 minutes I am sure. I swallowed gallons of water and my swimsuit bottoms flossed my upper teeth for good measure. I hated it!!! I will never do it again.....Anyway......I am feeling that same anxiety right now while I wait for Aushlynn to start her mission.

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  1. Quite the flossing picture you painted there, Mindy. At least you still have your sense of humor! Hang in there!