Wednesday, November 4, 2015

On the way to Peru....

Well, it happened.......Aushlynn was set apart as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She is now officially Hermana Brown. I could not be anymore proud of her. We put her on a plane yesterday and she headed for Peru.  I am not a fan of the airport drop offs.  They are HARD! 

 It was a emotional goodbye.  It was so hard to say goodbye for 18 months.

After she said goodbye......she turned and rolled thru security and did not look back...
Here is a picture of her plane flying over the house.....and yes.... I did track her flights all the way to Peru....I am a committed Missionary Momma after all!
 A good Samaritan texted me a few pictures of her from the airport with the group of Missionary's that she flew to Peru with. 

This is a picture with a Elder Horman.  It turns out that she went to 6th grade with him.  Mr. Batt's class. It is such a small world.
It was a long night for me.  I could not sleep much.  I did get a short email from her this morning. I was so glad to get it.

Hey mommy! Sorry flights were crazy and we didnt get in until 3:30. Just emailing you a short email and will email next week. The mtc is very different but good different. The food for breakfast was just kinda blah so good thing I dont really eat breakfast and I have my snacks. Lugging all my bags was a REAL STRUGGLE but the elders helped me! They are somewhat nice lol they like to tease me but whatever. We showered this morning and it was blazing hot. I didnt think I was going to get that but at least its better than freezing cold. They let us sleep in until 7 but I am still so tired. I didnt sleep a wink on the plane and from SLC to ATL I had to run to catch our flight it was crazy. Sorry I didn't call when we got to lima we had to go through customs and I just didnt have time! Hope all is well back home! Thank you for the letters in my bag they were great. Well I will email you more next week and hopefully get some pictures! Love you guys!
Hermana Brown
This is one last picture of all my kids together for 18 months.
 P.S. Aushlynn did tell me that she was skipping winter for 2 years...Guess what...... it is snowing today.  I guess that she left at the perfect time.  Enjoy the 90's Aushlynn!

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  1. Love all the pictures! She is lucky to be away from this cold! Brrrr! I have a letter to send to the Church pouch system ready to go today to the MTC. Hope she gets it before she leaves the MTC!