Sunday, October 18, 2015


It has been a whirl wind week.  So much has happened in the last seven days that it is almost like I am dreaming.  So......Avery hurt his elbow....... again last Sunday.  Throughout the course of the week he met with 3 different doctors.  After much discussion, reviewing medical images, prayer and fasting, the decision has been made to release Avery from his mission 2 1/2 transfers early.  Everyone felt that he could get superior care back home and since this arm is his dominate arm, we did not want to take anymore chances with it. I have had mixed emotions.  I am ecstatic to see him!!!  I am sad that he did not to experience a transfer coming home with other missionaries.  I am SAD that he did not get to bear his testimony to the new missionaries that are coming in.  But I know that he has completed his mission and that he did it honorably. I am SO EXCITED that I get to have all my babies home for two whole weeks.  This is something that is totally unexpected and such a HUGE BLESSING!

So, this leads to the anticipation.  I have had this happen before.....I feel much the same as I did when I anticipated his birth.   I had so many ideas in my head of what he might be like.

  • What is he going to look like?
  • How much will he weight?
  • Will he have ANY hair?
  • Is he gonna come out butt first? 
  • Will he be crying.....will I be crying?
I feel like I have had a 21 month labor with this one.  Avery was about a month early when he was born.  Sometime babies arrive a little earlier than others, but they are loved just the same, maybe just a little bit more.  I think I might see a pattern with this one!  This just feels like this is his rebirth.

Anyway, tomorrow we are having an induced labor.......I remember I was up all night laboring with this one before I gave birth....I have a feeling that this will repeat itself........the up all night part......anyway.....I just can't wait to hug on this boy again!!!


  1. Knowing Avery he will come down the escalator butt first. And yes, you will be crying because let's be honest, you are really really good at it.

  2. Ditto to Jana's remark! Give him a hug from me, we will see you all on Sunday!