Friday, April 24, 2009

When the family get together........

I know that I am posting this really late, but you know the saying; "Better late than never!" I thought that it might apply to this situation. Well, we all gathered at Mom and Dad's for as what mom called the "Great Egg Hunt!" I guess it is better than any egg hunt that I ever went to. One of the eggs had a $5 bill. It was coveted by all. I tried to convince my parents that there really should be a $1000 egg just for their kids, but it did not fly with them. Geesh....they are so cheap!!!! I don't really remember any egg hunts as kids, I think that they owe us, how about you???
I really did try hard to take good pictures, but you started the hunt before I changed my lens. I had to run to catch up. I do think that I have a really good shot of everyones best side here! (your welcome!)
The race is one to find the $5 egg. Don't forget to look in the trees!
This is Katelyn, Ryan, Kari and Wes. Don't forget to climb to the top to get the high ones!
Mac, he has found quite a few!
Maddy finding an egg in a tree!
Ryan looking to see if he has the big money egg! Nope!
Katelyn, "I think there might be one"
Hi Kari, since you never post yourself on your blog, I thought you would appreciate me putting you on mine! Hey, at least it not a butt shot again!
Dyllon and Avery. Are you ever to old for a Easter egg hunt? I think not! You look so manly with the purple baskets!
Here is a picture of dad. You know the one who likes the mute button! He can't remember where he hid all the eggs!
Did you get anything good? He found an egg that had $.50, you can almost buy a candy bar Dyllon! LUCKY!!!
Maddy, what are you up too? Hey, you stole the egg that I found! Wait, it's the one with the $5! Give it turkey!!!
Poor Dolly, Ryan and Jakoby are scared to death of her. She has been banished to her leash. She just wants to run with the kids. So sad!!
Here is Mac, future Super Cross Champion! He likes to get a kiss with each trophy that he wins! True, his dad told me!
Watch out! Crazy drivers!
Close your mouth, you are going to get bugs in there!
How many times did they ride up the lane? I think over a hundred times! They love doing this!
This is Jakoby! He is bananas! Ask him, he will tell you! He is such a sweetheart! He is in first place right here! Kicking Avery's butt. Speaking of first place, this young man is the champion! Champion of what you might ask? Jakoby took first place in the pinewood derby! His car smoked all the rest! He is awesome!


  1. Great job, Mindy, you got everyone in there best light. Even Dolly looks good, did Maddy ever give you the $5.00? Probably not!!! It was gun for all anyway...

  2. No, Avery accidently threw it away in the bag of melted candy. Not only did I lose the 5 bucks, but I had to give Maddy $5 more because Avery threw it away! I am out $10. Finding that egg was not worth it!