Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Strike that......Reverse it!

So, I received a call from my brother Charlie yesterday. He said: "I just wanted to let you know that we are not going to be getting a little boy in the fall." My heart sank. They lost a baby a few years ago. He left me hanging for a few seconds. He then said: " We are going to be getting a girl!" He is such a butt head! I told him it was a good thing it is a girl, because if not it would be one pathetic boy! So, I guess that he won't have a future motocross rider. He will have this to look forward too!
Good Luck Charlie!


  1. reminds me of the church commercial where the dad stays with his daughters who have dolled him up in makeup, rollers, etc, rather than go bowling with his buddies.

  2. WOW! Too bad he didn't call me for some sibling harassment. I have some really good stuff saved up for him. It seems like I find out the news from you most the time. Thanks for keeping your finger on the pulse! I hope Angie isn't too disappointed with the girl news. She's gotta be getting tired of being out numbered!