Monday, April 27, 2009

Shopping in Park City

On Saturday we packed up the whole family and went to Park City. By the way, it is still winter up there. It was snowing! The goal this weekend was for me to find a really great pair of denim shorts to take on my trip to Hawaii. With 66 outlet stores it shouldn't be a problem right?? Wrong!! I found tons of these. Low rise! Who buys these?? I'm looking for something with #1 a little more coverage at the waist. Who can stand wearing the low rise stuff! I just don't have the abs to pull off the low rise. #2 Looser. Who likes the denim painted on? #3 a little longer. Okay, I am gonna be tan, but who wants to see my butt cheeks??

Here is another option that I found! Don't you think that I would look awesome in these??


  1. Hey, where did you find those pictures of me?

    Ugh, the only people whose underwear I should be able to see are babies, and by underwear I mean diapers.

    You would look awesome in them. :)

  2. WOW! Those are out there! However, we both know that if we could actually still pull off the short shorts like we did in high school we would!