Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A gift!!! for me......

Yesterday was my lucky day! I have been taking an English class that is online and I have had to meet with my class every Monday morning from 8:00 to 9:00. Usually it is not so bad, unless my girls are off track. Then they bug me the whole time I am in class. Well, not only did the girls go back on track yesterday (Hallelujah) but it was the last time that I had to meet for my English class. Now, if I can only get the last paper finished! (Hopefully I can get that busted out this evening!) Funny thing, during class, our teacher puts us in what is called breakout rooms. We are usually in the rooms for about 30 minutes. We were supposed to discuss any questions or helpful hints for our final paper. Usually she put us in groups of four, yesterday, by accident, she put me in a group of my own. I couldn't even tell her. I was lonely. I felt like the kid who is not chosen to play kickball! As you can imagine not to much was discussed in my group, but as a group we decided to have a bowl of Special K with strawberries for breakfast. It was an unanimous decision! So, thus ends my English career! Everybody says that they will miss me because I am so funny! Great, I am the class clown! This is the last post that I made to my class! I'm throwing papers in the air!!!! It was because I am so excited for summer vacation!

Up there, that is not even the best part. I have my Chemistry lab on Monday nights. I know, busy Monday's. I have been counting down the number of times that I have left each week. I religiously mark it off on the syllabus after each class. As of yesterday morning I only had 2 labs left. This means that my last class will be next Monday right??? Well, lucky me! I was marking off the incorrect syllabus! My last lab was last night! Happy Monday to me.....sometimes Monday's are not so bad. Wait, I just realized, I didn't even get to blow anything up all semester! :o(
So to finish off the semester, I need to finish my last English paper and I need to take my chemistry final on May 4th. Then...........
I can go to Hawaii!!!!!


  1. Love ya, Mind! And I'm so proud of you for working so hard!

    You deserve Hawaii!

  2. That is so cool that you're done! Good luck with the paper and the chem final.

  3. Congrats on finishing your classes!