Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Aush had a great week. She is super excited for this transfer...let her tell you why!!!

Hey Fam Bam! 

Okay the rumors are true... IM WITH HERMANA THOMAS!!! Wow president you really hit the nail on the head with this one! I am soooo excited! We have wanted to be comps for awhile!! I’m so excited to be here in Paita and be able to learn from Hermana Thomas!! Now.. yes I am scared because the first thing Hermana Thomas said to me was your going to get it on your birthday. Ha Ha. If you remember I bought extra eggs when I was serving in Chulucanas to break on her head. Yikes I’m in for it.  Unfortunately, Hermana Ramos left! I will miss her a lot! She was a really fun comp and we had a lot of success together! She got transferred to Piura! It was really sad for her to leave Paita because this was her first area and had been here for 6 months! 

This last week we tried to work hard because well usually people get a little trunky the week of transfers! We were able to put up some really good numbers and able to progress a lot with our investigators. We have an investigator Walter that is truly a gift from god. We were able to meet with him a 2nd time and he had read 5 chapters of the book of Mormon including the testimonies in the front. Also he was able to pray to know if it’s true and said he got a clear answer! WOOOO! We have a baptism date for 13 of September!! This week I am hoping to find some really cool people to teach. We have a lot that we are teaching but I feel like some of them aren’t progressing how we would like them too so we will see. 

Also this week we were able to travel to Piura twice. I’m so not a fan of the buses here. My comp had an allergic reaction and had to go to the hospital. She ate some bad eggs I guess. We need to watch the food that people are giving us better! Also... were just not going to have a pension because well we don’t want eat rice every day! I love Americans ha ha. I love Latinas too but not so much the rice lol. Also traveled to Piura for an interview with Presidente.. for my comp. 

On Sunday night  Hermana Ramos said goodbye to everyone.... now when you say bye everyone wants to feed you food. Now I don’t know about ya’ll but there is only so much fish and rice a girl can eat... little to say it was a rough night. Everyone in the branch is like oh no there is going to be 2 sassy gringas in the branch now ha ha whatever I’m not even sassy... it’s like they think they know me ha ha. 

Love Ya..

Hermana Brown

When you go to the a Elders area for lunch...with members....and follow the Elders directions and it leads you here.......WHHHYYYY! Oh look....a puppy!
So this was my knee last week they wanted me to get a shot for....Nope!
Correlation meeting with the Mission leader and the Elders in our area.
Me trying to teach Hermana Ramos english..lol!!

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