Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Time keeps on slippin'......into the future

Hey fam! 

Well this week sure did just fly by! You really don’t realize how fast times goes by and how short this life really is until you get out in the mission field! I’m trying to soak up every feeling and every experience here in Peru! 

This week we almost had a baptism but we felt like maybe a little more time and she would be more ready to be baptized! We have some investigators progressing! The one that is closest to baptism is Walter! He is 37 and single haha…I know what you are all thinking... that’s the road that Dyllon is on but I assure you…… Dyllon will get married before this guy…. haha... hopefully! He has a really desire to know if this church is true and I haven’t seen this much desire in one person! I know that he will know and get a sure answer! He is a special person! 

Whelp... you know how us Browns are just prone to getting hurt.. Well... so, I got totally taken out on the soccer field one morning playing soccer and ended up with a huge bruise the size of an orange on my knee. Now don’t panic.. I’m fine! Now apparently when you get a bruise people think ya need to run to the hospital and get a shot and I was like okay… not doing that... so I let people put herbs and creams on it for a whole week till it went away haha.. These people and there remedies! 

So….I am learning how to play the piano…so that’s cool. I got a call from Presidente the other night….I was kinda scared haha…..but he asked me if I would sing a song with Elder Abbot for a video he is making for the mission. 

So this is the last week of the transfer and well it’s also the most stressful haha because this is counting for the whole next transfer! We are just trying to put our heads down and work hard. Hermana Ramos will probably leave this area! She is really sad but knows that it’s her time to go.. But... you never know with Presidente…he is always getting these weird revelations that I need to be somewhere else in the mission….. so we will see! 

Well….that’s pretty much all for this week! I love you all and want you to know I am praying for each and every one of you! Have a great week!

Hermana Brown

This picture made me laugh....it looks like they are in a giant red wagon.
Aushlynn and her companion and some members...I think....or possibly some investigators. She never tells me.

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