Friday, August 12, 2016

Better late....then never!

Sorry....I am pretty late posting Aushlynn letter this week....I have been gallivanting around the Southwest for the past few days for my 25th anniversary......please forgive! It's better late then never....right? Come on....I had a pretty good excuse!

This girl had an amazing week! conferences...some of her favorite things. She also told me she really misses my veggie beef to...but it is to hot to enjoy soup for a few months. I will think of her next time I make it....I am super nice like that! Well....I guess with no further adieu here is her letter.
Hey family! 
Well this past week was full of inspiration and spiritual experiences! Honestly I am so grateful for everyone who made it possible for me to be out here! I am learning so much every day and gaining such a strong testimony of the doctrine of Christ!
This week our investigator Hermana veronica got baptized! It was a really special experience because her dad got to baptize her on her birthday! Before her baptism and when I wasn’t in this area she was very stubborn girl teenage girl. She didn’t like to be told things that she had to do so she didn’t get baptized when she was nine. After like 2 years the missionaries started to visit her but she was still really stubborn up until I got here... I don’t know we just clicked and became really good friends. I feel like if you don’t really have a relationship with this people then how are they going to open up and trust you let alone the lord. Also we got to see the baptism of Hermana Rosario! She is an amazing woman! She has been listening to the missionaries for like 9 years! I know she is going to be a great leader in the church!
Also this week we had the multi-zone conference! It was all about the Book of Mormon and how to use it more effectively! Honestly i can testify that president receives revelation for this mission because after this conference and putting to use all the things we had learned we were able to find 4 new people to teach! I am so grateful for this example I have to learn from! I have learned that the Book of Mormon isn’t just a book of scripture but it holds the fullness of this gospel. Just reading it you can tell that he loves each and every one of us so much! I invite everyone who isn’t reading the Book of Mormon to start today! I know that it changes the lives of the people who are searching for wholeness and happiness in their lives!
So we have been practicing this song for the multi-zone conference! Ugh… we had like 4 practices and a few of the Elders weren’t really taking it seriously and just screwing around... what’s new??? Anyways… we finally were able to pull it together and it actually sounded really good. For the baptism of Hermana Veronica I sang a duet with Elder Abbott that sounded really good as well! I still remember when my dad blessed me to love music right before I left on my mission and honestly I have been blessed with so many opportunities to sing! 
Well this is where it gets kinda sad... my bff left me today... Elder Ayala left me this morning! Honestly he was such a great missionary! He was so funny and worked really hard. Man I’m gonna miss him! He taught me a lot of things about the mission and really motivated me to do better! Chau Elder Ayala! 
Con amor Hermana Brown
Hermana Brown and Hermana Rasmussen at the Multi-Zone conference.
Aushlynn and her companion
Hermana Brown, Hermana Veronica and Hermana Ramos at the Baptism of Veronica.
Paita Zone
Name tags enjoying the beach on p-day. LUCKY TAGS!!!!
We had Pollo a la Braza for our last dinner with Elder Alaya! Chau!!

Paita Zone.....why so serious all the time??? Haha
The Hermana's at the Multi-Zone Conference
Hermana Brown and the Elders singing!
Aush and her companion....ah she looks so pretty here! That's my girl!
Book of Mormon...the missionaries invite you to read!
Trust exercise...

Confession.....some of these photos are hot!! I lifted them from the Rasmussen's facebook page......I am sure they will forgive me. (???)  I wanted to share them with you that don't see the mission website!

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