Thursday, November 12, 2015

It was a Ball..........

It was a Ball......a Bingham Ball that is!  Madison had her first formal dance this last weekend.  She had a fun time preparing for it.  Before Aushlynn left for her mission, she and Madison went an picked out her dress.  Aushlynn even made the down payment on it.....I was supposed to pay her back....but that girl owes me so much money.......I might put the money in her account later....if and when I feel any guilt...haha!
For the day date...they went to the Aquarium. They had a fun time and we all know that a turtle picture makes any blog post better!

My sister Jana came down and helped Madi with her hair.....good thing because it was rebraided and styled like five times......I just do not have the patience or the braiding skills for that kind of stuff!
We had bought Madi a pair of heels for the dance, but she decided that they were just not that comfortable to walk in.  She went with a more stylish choice of her new maroon vans!
She ended up looking AMAZING! Wow! when did my baby girl grow up?
Madi is a real ham, we went a had a small photoshoot in the front yard before the dance.  The kids across the street kept telling her how pretty her dress was!
This is Madi and her date Caleb.  He is so funny. He was so nervous for the date.  I think that it was his first one.  He did tell us something funny and I want to write it here so I will always remember it. He said "Guess how I got to school yesterday?  I had a Uber driver pick me up in a BMW!" How funny is that.  I need to have Madi take Uber home from school every day! haha
Here is a picture of her group.  They had dinner at Sadie's house and had a lovely time.
After dinner they headed up to the State Capitol Building where the dance was held.  Madi was glad that she choose to wear her vans because so many girls were taking off their shoes because their feet were killing them.
Selfie at the dance!
After the dance they went to Lexi's house and watched a movie.  One major crisis was that Toni, Sadie's date ended up with the wrong Jacket after the dance.....OOPS!

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