Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Floors!

Yah! We finally got our new floors. I really do not know what I was thinking 8 years ago when we put in WHITE carpet. I knew darn good and well that I was having daycare here. But I knew that I could keep the white carpet clean with 20 different people running around on it everyday! Like a lot of my swell ideas, it did not work out so well. The white carpet was borderline embarrassing everyday. I did have a good excuse as to why it was gross.

Well, Don't the new ones looks so much better?? We put the floor in the living room, dining room and down both halls.

I also needed new furniture. I think that is a requirement: New floor = New furniture right? The booger infest green ones were in need of a new home.

Here is a picture of our new rug. I love it and hate it at the same time. Take your shoes off and walk on it and you are in heaven. But, this sucker sheds, worse than Buddy. At the rate I am picking red fuzzies off the floor, this thing should be bald by Thanksgiving.

Here is a close up of the floor. It is called Tobacco Road. It is so pretty. (I hope that it is not against my religion to have a product with the word tobacco in my home. Just don't tell my Bishop, OK.) Hey, just one more quick thanks to my brother Charlie for laying it for me. Hopefully he will come back soon and finish the mouldings.

I am slowly getting used to the idea of the kids giving it "character". Do you know how hard it is to keep the 2 year old boys from racing trucks all over it? It is a losing battle. The cars just go so fast and far! To much of a temptation for them. They are also used to dragging toys all over my house. They just do understand why I want the toys in the toy room!


  1. That looks so pretty!! I love your furniture too.